The Most Powerful Guide To Doing Curated Content Right

How to do curated content right…….here’s what you need to know




“It’s hard to continually devote 20+ hours a week to creating content.  There is a way that you can write more efficiently just by being more selective about which types of content you create”……says Neil Patel 




One of the most effective type of content (when you look at results vs time to create) is curated contentThe basic idea is to take some (or all) of content created by someone else and feature it along other related content. (Of course, you always provide credit.)  You’re finding content you know your readers will be interested in and then connecting them to it.



One of the most common ways to use curated content is for social media marketing. You typically need to share content other than your own to be successful, so finding the best content for your readers (that you didn’t make) is a key part of the process. Curated content on social media represents about 47% of all clicks. And curated content can be used in almost any niche, which is part of the reason why it’s so powerful.


But not all businesses are successful at curating content.  If you do it the wrong way, your readers won’t pay much attention to what you offer, and you won’t get the results you’re after. 


That is why in today’s post I share Neil Patel’s tips on how to do content curation the right way…..



But, first Here are 4 reasons why publishing more curated content can benefit you in your content marketing strategy:

  • #1 – It’s Faster and Cheaper to Create 
  • Curated content is much faster to create than original content
  • #2 – Sometimes, the Results are Just as Good (Or Better)
  • 50% of surveyed marketers said that curated content helped improve their brand visibility, SEO, traffic, and buyer engagement
  • #3 – Expand Out of Your Area of Expertise
  • Simply curate the best content on those topics that you are not an expert in
  • #4 – You can Use it to Open Relationships
  • One huge potential benefit of curating content is that it provides value to influencers—if you do it right.



There’s one thing you need to know about curated content: No type fits all .  Certain types work better for some than others. Your first real challenge is understanding the different types so you can pick the best ones for you.

7 Types of Curated Content You can Publish:

  • Ultimate Guides on a Topic
  • When you try to create a complete guide to anything, it’s usually going to be about one of your main topics.
  • There’s no sense in creating a massive resource on a topic that only a small fraction of your target audience is interested in.
  • These types of guides are designed to wow readers and attract traffic, links, and social shares.
  • Roundups
  • Content roundup – (This type of roundup will work in any niche that has at least one thriving niche news site.)
  • Expert roundup – (With this kind of roundup, you collect original answers from influencers and present them within one awesome post)
  • The Best Webinars
  • Basically it’s a list of the best webinars/video tutorials in your niche.
  • Case Studies
  • In some niches, case studies are the most interesting type of content to readers.
  • Reading List or Education List
  • Some niches are built around learning.
  • In these niches, there are always people trying to teach (and often sell) to anyone who will listen.
  • Customer Stories
  • One option is to curate the best customer reviews
  • Top Sites or Experts
  • If you’re looking to build relationships with influencers in your niche, you can also create a “top” list of all the best sites or experts in it.




You need to understand the finer details of curated content that will make the real difference – the true value of content curation: quality.  Most people are getting overwhelmed by the amount of content out there and they don’t want to miss out on the truly useful content, it’s hard to wade through 20-30 pieces of content to find one or two good ones. That’s where you come in.

You care about your audience and are willing to do the hard work for them.


So don’t get lazy: To curate content properly, you need to do two essential things:

  • First, you need to find all the content that fits your topic.
  • Second, you need to review all the content. And I’m not talking about skimming the content.


Curating content is a great way to save time while also creating high value content your readers will love. It can attract shares and traffic and is a great way to open a dialogue with influencers you’d like to connect with.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington





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17 Replies to “The Most Powerful Guide To Doing Curated Content Right”

  1. This is something I have thought of but not done anything about.
    It’s a very interesting way to create content while honouring someone else’s work. Think how we would feel if someone did it with our own content. Great share Joan

    1. Thanks so much Ron!! Yes, love sharing content that is “already” out there and putting my “own” spin on it 🙂 Makes coming up with blog post ideas so much easier 😉

  2. Well, I hope you have in roads with Neil Patel directly, because you have done him great exposure in your blogs. He should know that and consider you a JV for all the kudos you send his way. In other words, you are curating content RIGHT! Good job practicing what you preach.

    1. Thanks so much Trudy! Really appreciate your awesome comment 🙂 Yes, I should become a JV for Neil lol Love all of his content that he shares!! So many people need to see his value and that is what I aim to do when I curate others content 🙂

  3. I was under the impression that everything you publish on your website should be 100% unique. But I guess that’s not accurate. Thanks for the tips, now I’m thinking about some content that I can curate. I like the idea of making “Best Posts About ___” where you can link to all your favorite websites about a specific topic. Thanks again!

    1. You are welcome Timothy! No you do not ALWAYS have to post 100% unique content 😉 Sometimes finding that awesome post that someone else did and putting your own “unique” spin on it will be just as good 🙂 I prefer curating content myself because it makes it so much easier to share other content that is already out there with my readers.

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment! Appreciate it 🙂

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