The One Major Key To Success In Network Marketing

What Is One Of The Major Keys To Success In Network Marketing?








Do You Know What Is That One Major Key To Success In Network Marketing?





Hang tight and I will tell you what that one major key to success in network marketing is , but first I want to share a little example from Vitaly Grinblat, of Magnetic Sponsoring…




A 100 years ago, a company that produced shaving razors came up with an ad that was radically different than their competitors.

Most advertised “quick shaves”, this company advertised a “78-second shave”.



See the difference?



Which sounds more appealing to you?



Yep, you guessed it……“78-second shave”



Why because the mind accepts and responds to SPECIFICS faster than to generalities.



And another very CRUCIAL reason why… is it’s more believable.








So The ONE MAJOR KEY To Success In Network Marketing Is…….










You can’t wrap your mind around the word “Quick”, it’s too vague… quick compared to what… and everyone can make a claim that it’s quick.

  • But when you give it a specific number… “78 seconds” , all of a sudden it gives it a context… it’s more believable, because it’s specific , there’s gotta be some PROOF that it takes only 78 seconds.
  • Plus the mind instantly projects an image, that says “Hey, it’ll only take ME 78 seconds to shave” , although the ad didn’t say that, it simply said “78 seconds”. 





Do you see how powerful this is?





It all happens in a matter of seconds, they don’t think about it, it happens unconsciously and automatically.





So how can you use this major key to success in your marketing?




Most beginners use very general terms to describe their offer.

  • Make money quickly… lots of people do this… huge results… etc…




Here is how you can turn that into some specifics…..

  • How much exactly and how fast?
  • This is why you see ads and headlines that say things like… “175 leads in 3 days”

  • Make it even MORE specific – “175 leads in just 72 hours”

  • And even more… “175 red, hot, laser-targeted leads in just 72 hours.”




We just took a plain, boring and very vague fact and turned into a very specific offer, making it super compelling and virtually irresistible.







Let’s turn it up a notch and make it “SEXIER”….

  • “A unique, virtually unknown secret strategy to get 175 red, hot, laser-targeted leads in just 72 hours!”




If you have something good… with a little mental effort and understanding the psychology of the human brain, you can take “average” offers and make them irresistible with this one major key to success.




Whether you write Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Blog Posts, Articles, Press Releases, Emails, Banners or any other kind of marketing… having this skill is worth it’s weight in gold.




Being specific is just ONE of the secret keys to success revealed inside Copywriter’s Guild.

  • This training is loaded with money-making nuggets to help you seriously boost ALL your marketing.

  • For example you’ll discover…

  • 10 “magic bullet” words tested and proven to increase sales in almost every ad they are used in.
  • 7 most common “clumsy” auto-responder mistakes even the experts make.
  • The 3 “deadly sins” of copywriting that will tank your response in a heartbeat. (The first sin is “never be boring”. The second sin is “never sound weak.” The third sin is even more common – and even many professional copywriters do it without realizing it.)
  • 9 simple ways to use “NLP” to increase the response of ALL your ads.
  • A SINGLE, “almost magic” word often used in advanced corporate sales trainings) that keeps people reading your ads and emails top to bottom… even if they hate reading “long copy.”





Whether you decide to get Copywriter’s Guild right now or later, remember to use that one key to success I shared with you here….. BE SPECIFIC….. it’ll do wonders to your marketing.





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Joan Harrington



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