The Secret To Better Conversions On Your About Page

Do You Need Better Conversions On Your About Page?



As an online business owner, do you REALLY think that your About page is all about you?



The cold hard truth is that “It’s not all about you”!

In today’s post I share with you the most common mistakes that are made on About pages and what you need to do to fix them, as well as what your About page needs for better optimization from copywriter Razwana Wahid, (founder of Relentless Movement.)





Mistake #1-Not explaining the purpose of the business on your About page

  • How to fix: Read your About page and notice all the statements that start with I or We.
  • Rewrite these so the focus is on your visitors and what’s in it for them.

Mistake #2-Making your About page long-winded and hard to read

  • Most visitors take 4 seconds to decide if your website is worth reading.
  • If your About page has blocks of paragraphs that read more like a novel than a website, you’ll lose them instantly no matter how interesting the content.
  • How to fix: Review your About page and break it up by using bullet points, subheads, and shorter sentences.

Mistake #3-Not having a CTA (call-to-action) on your About page

  • You need to inform your visitor about your business and its benefits, but without giving them an idea of what to do next  you’re just encouraging them to click aimlessly around your site.
  • How to fix: What do you want a visitor to do once they’ve read your About page?
  • Sign-up to your email list?
  • Get in touch to hire you?
  • Connect on social media?
  • Direct them to this by adding a link to whatever action you want them to take.

Mistake #4-A missed opportunity

  • About pages are the perfect opportunity to use images or video to give your brand more personality.
  • People connect with people, so use videos and images to introduce yourself.
  • How to fix: Consider how this could be brought to life through images, videos, or other media.


Here’s the bottom line on how you can optimize your About page for better conversions……..


“Every visitor to your site will have specific questions they want your site to answer. The perfect opportunity to answer these questions is on your About page”……..says Razwana




The key to ensuring these questions are answered is to structure the page in a specific order so Razwana recommends on which questions to answer and in what order:

1.  What’s this website about?

  • This is the section that outlines what your business does.

2 . What’s the benefit for me to be here?

  • Any visitor to your site will stay on your site if your content addresses what’s in it for them to be reading.
  • So let them know they’re in the right place.

3 . Who are you?

  • This is when you can start giving details about yourself.
  • Because you’re keeping your audience in mind, remember to give an example of a result your clients have achieved after working with you.

4. Why should I trust you?

  • This is when your experience, qualifications and skills become important.
  • The more examples you can give of why you’re trustworthy, the more likely the audience is to want to work with you.

5. What should I do now?

  • This is the Call to Action on the page.
  • Give the audience one action to take.
  • Make the CTA clear to the audience by telling them to:
  • Add their email address.
  • Click here to work with you.
  • Adding a link to another page you want to direct them to.


So now you know how you can take advantage of this prime piece of website real estate to encourage your audience to connect with you and engage in your business.


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