The True Meaning Of Successful Marketing Today

How To Have Successful Marketing In Today’s Age









What Is Successful Marketing?






 helpscoutAccording to Eduaro Conrado, Chief Marketing Officer for Motorola and one of the authors of the HBR study, business owners should look to the S.A.V.E framework as they craft and define their unique offering.






The S.A.V.E framework focuses on 4 things for successful marketing:   “Solution”, “Access”, “Value” and “Education” of a product or service.




1.  Solution

  • Too often, businesses get too caught up in the features, functions and technological superiority of their product over the competition.
  • The harsh reality is that none of that matters to customers because all they care about is solving their problems.
  • Solve their problem better than anyone else and you’ll end up with a product your customers can’t live without.



2.  Access

  • The key here is not to disseminate your “home base” (your store or website), but rather to create a cross-channel presence that considers a customers’ entire purchase journey, not just where they seal the deal.
  • Customers want your business to be accessible.
  • They want to know that your support will have their backs.




3.  Value

  • Perception of value is far more important to customers when accepting higher price tags.
  • Do customers care about your price in relation to your production costs, profit margins and competitor’s prices?
  • They don’t care.
  • Are you clearly articulating the benefits of your offering relative to your prices?




4.  Education

  • Businesses today can act as “entreproducers,” providing current and potential customers with information relevant to their interests to create a sense of familiarity and trust long before a purchase is even made.





The customer of today has far more say in the business-customer relationship, and it’s high time for businesses to start embracing frameworks that care more about what the customer wants.







The S.A.V.E. framework allows businesses to keep this mindset at the forefront of their operations, acting as the centerpiece for this new solution-selling strategy.






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