The True Reality About What Your Customer Really Wants

How To Know If Your Customer Really Wants What You Got















Does Your Customer Want What You Got?






If you’ve got something to sell at some point you’ll need to tell your prospective customer what you’ve got, what it’s going to do for them, and what you’re looking for in return.




“Too often, we get caught up in how much our prospect should want what we’re feeding them”…….says Sonia Simone of Copyblogger




And then we get surprised when they respond like a toddler faced with a bowl full of broccoli ice cream.






Here are a few tips from Sonia Simone, on how you can get your customer to want what you got…..ENJOY!






How to make an appealing offer to your customers

  • It’s the prospect’s job to say yes or no.
  • Ever notice the language customers use when they’re feeling pressured to buy?
  • They’ll often mention not wanting an offer “crammed down their throat.”



1. Make it nutritious

  • The best offers are nutritious — in other words, beneficial to the customer.
  • Yes, you can definitely (maybe even easily) sell a product that doesn’t actually do the prospect much good.
  • But you’ll get the most recurring business (and satisfaction) out of selling good stuff, not junk food.
  • When your customers are truly better off for buying what you offer, they’re a million times more likely to spread the word about how great you are.



2. Make it taste good

  • It’s much easier to sell something people want than it is to sell something they need.
  • We’re grudgingly pushed toward certain behaviors by our needs, but we’re pulled wildly by our wants.



3. Offer what they want, when they want it

  • Make sure your offer lines up with what your prospect is looking for today, not tomorrow or yesterday.
  • You’ll make selling much, much easier.





Remember, it’s your job to cook up fresh, tasty, nutritious offers and get them on the table.




You can use all of these copywriting techniques at your disposal to make them as appealing as possible.




Try adding a spoonful of sugar, in the form of more value or an additional bonus for the same money.




Make sure you’re not talking too much about all of the “good for you” aspects, and that you’re instead emphasizing the yummy factor first and foremost.






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  1. We got to think like the waiter who is serving pancakes to their customers at IHOP. She gives them what they want to have NOT something else. If they want pancakes with maple syrup she gives them that, she does not give them potatoes and eggs.

    If the customers get potatoes and eggs instead of pancakes they are not returning to that IHOP and furthermore they will tell 25 people not to go there either.

    And a person who is served pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast who wants it and loves it tells five people.

    Lawrence Bergfeld
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