The Truth To Becoming A Popular Blogger

Are You A Popular Blogger?













What Is This Forgotten Blogging Skill That Will Help You Become A More Popular Blogger?






It’s hard work to get your voice heard online.



You got to blog, and email, and tweet, and like, and plus.



You have to improve your writing skills.



Tell more fascinating stories.



Develop your unique voice.







“You often feel your voice gets drowned out in a sea of other voices – voices that seem louder than yours”……says Henneke





It’s easy to think that online marketing is about developing your voice, sending emails, writing blog posts, and publishing social media updates.


But there’s something else you shouldn’t forget.



A lot of attention is given to the active skills of writing, publishing, emailing.



Online marketing is also about observing, listening, researching, too.



To become a popular blogger you need the skills of both introverts and extraverts.



To have a chance of being heard we shouldn’t just tweet more, blog more, email more.






We need to listen and observe more.









It’s easy to think you need to tweet more, blog more, email more to ensure your voice is heard…but you also need to…...focus on improving your writing skills, developing your voice, and raising your profile.




Becoming a popular blogger isn’t just about your voice, your writing, your updates.



It starts with listening, and learning more about your audience.

  • Appreciate their big struggles.
  • Learn about the small irritations, glitches, and challenges that complicate their life.
  • Understand what you can do to help.





Listen more.


Observe more.


Learn more.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Hi Joan,

    The funny thing about blogging is this; if you listen you can succeed quickly. Going the volume approach rarely works unless you are persistently listening to the needs of your audience.

    I decided to post what seems to be popular – list style, problem solving posts – instead of posting from the hip, and going with high volume.

    This helps you become a more popular blogger, hands down, versus an ego-centric approach to blogging.

    Thanks for sharing Joan!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…7 Tips for Moving from a Poverty Consciousness to Prosperity ConsciousnessMy Profile

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