How To Treat Social Media Like Sex…..

If you are not treating social media like sex,  you are doing it wrong!








Become a Better Social Media Marketer with these 5 basic sex tips from Barry Feldman/Social Media Explorer





Intercourse (in·ter·course [in-ter-kawrs, -kohrs] noun -interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc)  is essential to successful social media marketing.








Here are the five basic sex tips that you can apply to become a better social media marketer……




Sex Tip #1 – Take Off Your Clothes

  • Be authentic.
  • Be transparent.
  • Be genuine.
  • What do you say we nix the euphemistic BS and simply get naked?
  • You might be used to that stiff and starched shirt—and it might look mighty fine—but it covers up the real you.
  • Remove it……Be yourself…..Let it all hang out.
  • It’s time to get friendly.
  • No one really wants to do business with your brand, your good name, or that slick logo you wear on your chest.
  • People want to do business with people.
  • The mega-rise of social media makes this an undeniable truth.
  • It’s time to strip.




Sex Tip#2 – Foreplay

  • You may be into social media marketing to consummate the deal, but you’ll fail fast if you don’t take your time.
  • However eager you may be for the main course, you’re bound to find the one you pine for finds appetizers more appetizing.
  • Ease into it.
  • Be attentive to the needs of the one you’re with.
  • Nurture the relationship.
  • If you want to make social media satisfying, it’ll pay to be patient.




Sex Tip #3 – Have Intercourse

  • Review that definition of Intercourse  (in·ter·course [in-ter-kawrs, -kohrs] noun -interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc) now.
  • For a little more dictionary fun, realize this: to “interchange” is to follow each other.
  • How’s that for the perfect parallel between sex and social media?
  • The idea is to exchange things, thoughts especially.
  • Nothing shameful is happening here.
  • What we’re talking about is downright beautiful.
  • Interchange all you can.
  • In the course of all this intercourse, you’re likely to learn what buttons to press.
  • Now that’s marketing!




Sex Tip #4 – Try Different Positions

  • Don’t want to be overly predictable……Or repetitive.
  • It’s boring in the bedroom and it’s boring in social spaces too.
  • Experiment a bit.
  • Even if you know how to slay ‘em with blog posts, at some point you have to breathe some new life into the relationship.
  • Fire up the camera.
  • Pictures… video… some nice music?
  • Some people like graphics.
  • Some like podcasts.
  • Some like how-to manuals.
  • However enthralled you may be with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you might find some new thrills on Pinterest or Instagram or YouTube.
  • Variety is a total turn-on.




Sex Tip #5 – Do It Again

  • That was soooooo great.
  • Are you done?
  • Hope not.
  • You know what happens to relationships that don’t progress: they die.
  • Remind yourself when you’ve got something good going on, you need to keep it up.
  • Rewind.
  • Review.
  • Revise.
  • My point: put as much TLC into the relationship as you can.
  • Relationships are sacred.








I’m spent…………….how about you?






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