The Truth About Viral Content

Viral Content……What You Need To Know









Wouldn’t it be nice if your blog post could spread like wildfire?







When you slave over each blog post, this is a sorry truth, Henneke says:




Casual visitors don’t care about your content.

  • Most of them are simply looking for content to share.
  • Because sharing good content makes them look good.
  • Reading a headline and glancing at the first paragraph give them enough indication whether content is shareable or not.


“As a serious business blogger, says Henneke, you don’t want casual traffic“.

  • You want people to read your content.
  • You want them to become loyal readers and fans





Imagine waking up in the morning, and seeing a spike in your web traffic. 





 To win serious business with your blog, you need to build a relationship with your readers. 

  • You have to tempt them to come back again and again.
  • You have to turn them into email subscribers, regular readers, fans.





Going viral doesn’t matter……Reaching your audience matters:





When you turn yourself into an exquisite problem-solver, you gain relevant traffic, woo serious readers, and win quality clients.





Good content doesn’t need to go viral.




Good content attracts quality prospects.




Good content helps you win business.




The web is full of testosterone





Don’t get distracted by vanity metrics.





Focus on the quality of your traffic. 





Get people on your email list……..And engage in real conversations.





Chase customers, not clicksTom Martin








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