How To Turn Your Copy Into Customers

Turn Your Copy Into Customers With These 7 Lessons From The Legendary Joseph Sugarman








Joseph Sugarman is a legendary copywriter who started a mail-order business, JS&A Group, through the power of his pen….he is also the author of The Adweek Copywriting Handbook.



If you aren’t ready to read the book , this post outlines the seven copy lessons that can be learned from the legendary Mr. Sugarman, by author Joseph Putnam (a freelance copywriter)




Lesson #1: Become An Expert

  • The first step in the copywriting process is to become an expert in whatever you’re about to sell.
  • Whether it’s a product or a service, you need to pick up enough specific knowledge to find the right details to effectively sell to customers.



Lesson #2: Know Your Customers

  • Knowing your customers is another important step in the copywriting process.
  • It’s critical to know what they like, what they don’t like, and how they think.
  • You want to know what interests them and what makes them excited.
  • Knowing your customers helps you to speak their language, write about the right benefits to sell the product, and overcome any purchasing hurdles.



Lesson #3: Write Quickly

  • You may not know this yet, but rewriting is the secret to any kind of writing, not just copywriting.
  • Whether you’re writing the first draft for a homepage, a landing page, or an e-mail sales letter, it’s best to let the copy flow unhindered.
  • The goal is to get something onto the page.
  • You also want all of the ideas, experiences, and knowledge hidden in the back of your brain to come out in an unhindered way.



Lesson #4: Get The First Line Read

  • It’s easy to get caught up in how beautiful a picture is or how perfect the design needs to be, forgetting that the point of every design element is to get the first line read.
  • If the first line doesn’t get read, then the headline, the layout, the design, and the pictures aren’t doing their job.
  • Design should never distract from the message, and aesthetics should never trump effectiveness.



Lesson #5: Frame Effectively

  • You need to create the right frame through which people view your product or service.
  • When it comes to selling online or through an ad, the frame in which people see your product or service is determined by your site’s style and the design.



Lesson #6: Create A Slippery Slide

  • Every copywriters’ job is to get the copy read.
  • This is accomplished by creating a slippery slide of copy that compels people to keep reading.
  • If people are interested in a product, they’ll naturally read as much as they can about it; if they’re not, they’ll hardly read anything.
  • The copywriter’s job is to get people who are interested to keep reading.
  • This is accomplished by creating a slippery slide of copy that people can’t resist reading all the way to the end.



Lesson #7: Target Emotions

  • One of the most important lessons any marketer can learn is that people buy primarily based on emotions.
  • Initially they want a product; then they justify why they need it.
  • In order to increase sales, you want to first target customers’ emotions.
  • After doing so, features can be used to justify the purchase logically and give people reasons to buy.
  • But everything starts with emotions and creating a desire for your product.




It’s important to reflect on the purpose of compelling copy.


What is it really for?



Mr. Sugarman gives the purpose for all of this in one phrase:



“To cause a person to exchange his or her hard-earned money for a product or service.”



Remembering this is critical.



The point of ads, marketing campaigns, and web designs is not to win awards or create the most beautiful design possible.



The point is to create the optimal presentation with the most persuasive copy in order to convince customers to purchase a product or service.





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  1. Hey Joan,

    This is a nice list of tips on getting customers. I like that you mentioned about writing quickly and put something on paper. Yes we want the perfect copy, but in order to figure out what would be a great copy we must just go ahead, unhindered, and write it down and make the adjustments accordingly.

    I also like that fact that in order to draw attention you must focus on the customers emotions. What better way to get connected with your target audience than to bring about the emotions that they are going through. It shows that you are talking to each one of them and that brings forth their attention to what you’re trying to convey to them!

    Great share Joan!

  2. Joan, thanks for the interesting and useful list.
    Although I am not a millionaire, but I totally agree with all of these points. Our life is constantly moving forward, changes are taking place around us. Business expanded its borders, made a step in the other countries and became global. Maybe this list needs to be expanded in the conduct of international business. But this list should be taken as a basis in any case.

  3. Great post, Joan, with lots of valuable tips. I need to practice the one about just writing quickly and editing later. I’m a stickler right from the get-go and it slows me down. Thank so much for this eye-opening post!

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