The Ultimate Solution To Rev Up Your Business

How To Rev Up Your Business With This Ultimate Solution









How can you keep your business on track?




How can you move ahead without getting frustrated?






Simply utilize Henneke’s pole vaulter’s method for growing your business.







  • A pole vaulter leaps more than twice as high as a high jumper
  • What’s the difference?
  • The pole
  • What’s the pole in your business?
  • How can you go from high jumping to pole-vaulting?




Get to know your audience.

  • Understand what your audience is looking for, and you can offer more value.
  • Offer more value, and you can charge more.
  • It’s a simple process, that starts with getting to know the people you’re selling to.
  • Understand their dreams, their secret wishes, and their frustrations.




A pole-vaulter practices his skills

  • He knows exactly how many steps to take, how high his grip should be, and in which position his body should be when the pole bends to sweep him over ever-higher bars.
  • The pole-vaulter focuses on three things: improving speed, strength, and technique.
  • Which three skills can you pick to master?
  • Which three skills suit your own strengths?
  • Which three skills will accelerate you business most?





The key to revving up your business, is to do a limited number of things incredibly well.





You have a choice of tens, perhaps hundreds of skills you can fine-tune and improve.





But which will make a real difference?





Take it one step at a time.




Focus on your audience.


Learn to listen well.




That’s how you grow your authority.





That’s how you grow your business.




And that’s how you have more fun.







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