Unfortunately, Too Many People Think You Have To Be Smart To Be A Marketer

Fortunately, for YOU, you do not have to be THAT smart to be a SUCCESSFUL marketer, you just need to follow THIS process to make sure you are on the right path to success.


“You don’t have to be that smart to be the best marketer.  Instead, you need to be creative, execute well, and continue to learn from others…..says Neil Patel , QuickSprout.com




Here is the process that you need to follow so you can learn how to be a successful marketer too:



1.  Don’t be afraid to bug people

  • First of all you need to realize that there are marketers out there who are already really successful. And if you are new, you need to know that they will KNOW much more than you.
  • Which is ok, and that is how you learn, right?


2.  Pay to learn

  • You need to join a business where you can learn and gain the knowledge that you need to be a great marketer.
  • I highly recommend MNU  (Marketing and Networking University) because of the awesome platform from which you can learn from daily and implement what you are learning right away, how cool is that?
  • Click here for more information to learn how you can benefit from other markers who know what works best online.
  • Make sure when you are paying for services to help you that they are a reputable business model


3.  Network with experts

  • You must build friendships with industry experts, so that you can know what they know and learn from them.


4.  Learn multiple trades

  • Marketers specialize in different tasks.
  • For example, some are great at SEO, while others are better at content marketing or conversion optimization or even blogging experts (like my friends Donna Ward or Lesly Federici, who specialize in blogging and content marketing)
  • So, you need to find experts who are the best at each of these skills that you want to learn.
  • Now imagine doing that with every expert within your space.
  • You’ll end up learning a lot.
  • If you want to learn from the best, don’t just read their stuff.
  • Analyze how they market to you and others and IMPLEMENT it!


You won’t ever become a successful marketer by just reading and analyzing…..You MUST implement what you are learning into ACTION.


You can start with your own branded website, (MNU has an amazing blogging platform that you can begin with) and you will also learn how to market it yourself by learning from other marketers just like yourself who have the knowledge that you need to succeed.


With all of the “experts” online, there has to be someone who you resonate with……send them a message, get on their email lists, follow them on social media…etc.


If you don’t practice and implement on your own site, you won’t learn how to execute fast. The key with this approach is to FOCUS and get CONSISTENT even if you just do one blog post per week, that is at least a start in the right direction.


Experimenting is what will help you sharpen your skills and stand out from the crowd. By doing crazy marketing experiments, not only will you learn more but you will eventually stumble upon some ideas that will revolutionize your marketing.


Don’t be afraid to put yourself OUT THERE and get out of your comfort zone, because that is the ONLY way you will learn to BRAND YOURSELF and find the success as a marketer.


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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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0 Replies to “Unfortunately, Too Many People Think You Have To Be Smart To Be A Marketer”

  1. Everyone in business needs to market, not just sell. being creative is the greatest part of marketing, followed by developing the plan and carrying out the action steps. Be consistent. Great article.

  2. Hi Joan,

    Learning and implementing makes for a great world of good when it comes to your eductaion.There are so many products and services coming at you in the blogging world that it’s great you have a wonderful network to help. Great information.

  3. Life is all about marketing. We market ourselves when we look for jobs. We market ourselves when we write a blog or make “side” money in a home business. Thank you for sharing this information.

  4. Great post Joan!

    I would say for me investing in a mentor was the biggest thing I did. When I pay, I PAY ATTENTION…the mentoring has allowed me to see my busines in a whole different light and allowed me to brand myself better.

    In addition, it compressed my time and accelerated my learning curve

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Hi Joan,

    Great message you have shared here. As a marketer, we always have to be learning. Hey, learning is earning isn’t it? lol

    We must find people we resonate with, and join courses and/or informational products in order to keep on top of things. It is so worth it to pay to play in my opinion. If we brand ourselves as You.inc. we need to keep on that learning curve so we can teach others.


  6. Hi Joan,

    MNU sounds like a perfect match for someone new starting out or even someone who needs to brush up on some marketing skills. Love your new look and wishing you great success always.

    I agree with what you said about finding someone to follow or be your mentor. I’ve followed others for quite a while and thought I was learning and I was but just not learning what I needed to succeed. I kept searching and I have found exactly what I need.

    My advice to anyone is to keep at it and keep pushing forward.

    1. Hi Monna,

      Yes MNU is definately a perfect match for someone starting new as well as a seasoned marketer who just needs to brush up on some marketing skills and learn from those who have gone through it and knows what works the best!

      Thanks so much for your warm comment and appreciate the kind words 🙂

      Definately do not ever give up!

  7. Marketing is another one of those things I’m still working on improving. I like the idea of “bugging” people! 🙂 I have recently started investing in more workshops and courses because as a lifelong learner, I do enjoy gaining more knowledge about things I don’t know about, from those who know more!

    1. Hi K Lee!

      Yes “bugging” people is the only way that we learn, sometimes 🙂 Feel free to “bug me” anytime my friend!! Learning from those who know more than you is definately a plus and it will help you to teach others how as well 🙂 Thanks for your feedback and awesome comment!

  8. HI Joan

    It is really key that as a marketer we learn to master one particular skill. Become an expert at something you enjoy then branch out to learn other methods.

  9. Excellent advice Joan!

    And I’d have to say that investing in a qualified Coach/Mentor just pays really big dividends and on
    so many different levels as well!

    That’s some excellent advise! Along with everything else you shared. since I’m
    not currently familiar with the MNU platform, I’ll definitely have to check it out!

    Thanks for sharing that resource!

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