How To Get The Most From Your Blog (Besides Blogging)

10 Ways That You Should Be Using Your Blog For (Besides Blogging)








If you’re looking to take your blog to the next level, here are 10 ways from Corey Eridon, of HubSpot, that you should be doing with your business blog to get even more out of that seriously valuable asset.



Please keep in mind that these are things you can do to improve the performance of your business blog in addition to the work you’re already doing to create and publish content.



1.  Solicit Content From High-Profile Sites

  • Instead of writing content yourself, solicit it from big names and high profile sites.
  • Soliciting content from the big guns helps you not only feed your site with content you didn’t have to write (hooray!), but it also translates some of that guest blogger’s authority right over to your site —
  • This opens up your blog to a whole new host of readers it didn’t have before that could increase your blog’s reach by leaps and bounds.


2.  Work on Increasing Subscribers

  • It may be worth your time to invest in increasing your blog’s subscriber base.
  • Go into your analytics and take a look at where your blog traffic comes from.
  • Some of it’s probably social media, some organic search, some direct traffic … and I bet a ton of it is from email, right?
  • If you have a robust base of people subscribed to your blog via email, it makes total sense.
  • Every time you publish a blog post, they get an email alert about it!
  • That’s an incredibly valuable reminder that helps bring readers back to your blog on a regular basis.
  • So it’s probably worth your time to figure out some ways to increase that number of blog subscribers.


3.  Optimize Past Post Titles

  • When you publish a new blog post, you want a catchy title.
  • Blog posts quickly get buried as you pump out new content, and eventually you have hundreds or thousands of posts that barely see the light of day.
  • Those buried posts are still driving a ton of organic value for your site


4.  Optimize Your Calls-to-Action

  • You’re not just blogging for the fun of it
  • You’re trying to get traffic.
  • Traffic you can convert into leads.
  • And then customers.

Powerful stuff.

  • That’s why you’re adding all those calls-to-action in every blog post — they lead to landing pages with offers that your visitors can convert on.
  • So any time you can spend optimizing those CTAs is a worthwhile investment, since you want to be using the CTAs that will convert even more visitors into leads.
  • Set up A/B testing for your blog’s CTAs to see which variations of layout, color, and copy impact conversion rates.
  • You should do this for both your in-post CTAs, as well as any CTAs you have on the top or side of your blog.


 5.  Update the Content of Popular Old Posts

  • Take a look at those old posts that performed really well — you can go right into your blog analytics to check things like number of views and inbound links per post.
  • It might be high time you brush the dirt off of those oldies but goodies, give them a quick makeover, and re-debut them.
  • It’s quick work, and the topic has already proven to be a hit with your readers.

There are a couple ways to do this.

  • First, you could publish an entirely new post, and redirect the old link to the new blog post so you don’t lose and SEO juice.
  • Second, you could simply update the existing post with new content.

Choose whichever method is easier for you.


6.  Make it Social

  • Spend some time optimizing your blog for social media; the success of your blog depends on it.
  • Your blog should have social sharing buttons, as well as social follow buttons so you can simultaneously expand your social reach and the reach of your blog content.


7.  Optimize the Pages Blog Visitors Click the Most

  • As your blog grows, it will likely become more than just a rolling page of content.
  • You might develop things like a navigation? A sidebar? A banner? A footer?
  • Of those “other” places on your blog, you should consider where other people are going so you can optimize those locations once they click off your blog.
  • Where people go after they leave your blog is a juicy source of conversions that many blog marketers let slip between their fingers.


8.  Use Your Blog to Test New Offers

  • If you email your list too frequently, you’ll see engagement take a nosedive and unsubscribes skyrocket.
  • So use your business blog as a testing ground for your new offers — before you send them to that precious email list of yours.
  •  Promote new lead generation offers on your blog, and send those that perform well to your email list.


9.  Use Your Blog as a Source of Content

  • Get more out of the content you’ve already created — blog posts — by repurposing them elsewhere in your marketing.
  • Where can you repurpose blog content?
  • Content to feed your social media networks: Link to blog posts in social media to drive people in your network back to your blog.
  • Content to feed your email sends: You don’t always have to send lead generation content in your dedicated email sends or lead nurturing campaigns; blog content is a nice reprieve, or perfect fodder for newsletters.
  • Content to feed your lead generation offers: Instead of creating an offer from scratch, round up all of the posts you’ve written on a particular subject and bundle the content into a new offer.
  • Content to feed your website: If you’re looking for the right words to explain a concept, product, or service elsewhere on your website, you might already have found the words … in a past blog post!


10.  Leverage Your Blog as a Sales Tool

  • Your business blog is one of the most valuable pieces of sales collateral you have, especially if you’re writing posts that naturally incorporate your product or service in the content.
  • Think about it — you’re writing blog posts that teach your leads how they can solve their problems, and  how your product or service fits into that solution.






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    Like most things, there are items in here I find strong at and some I consider myself weak in. I think now is a great time to organize some goals to expand my range.


  2. Hey Joan,

    I like the insight of these tips on how to make the best out of your blog. I use a couple of tips you shared and I have to see that I have benefited quite often from the strategies! Keep the value coming!

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