How To Use Your Blog to Generate Sales Hint…You Do Not Have To Be Salesy

Generate Sales With Your Blog By Not Being Salesy



Selling doesn’t have to leave you feeling slimy, especially if you are a blogger.



Are you a blogger who is afraid to sell to your readers?


Afraid to lose the audience that you worked so hard to build?


Does this sound like you?



If so, you may be wondering how your blog posts can increase your revenue?


The answer is simple: reciprocity……says , Neil Patel


Reciprocity happens when you give immense value to your audience. In return, they feel compelled to help you out, and when you pair reciprocity with blogging, the results are powerful. You’ll sell, but your readers will never think you’re selling to them.


Because it’s a friendly offer.


Here are 9 ways of utilizing your blog post to generate sales:




1. Provide a TON OF VALUE

  • VALUE should be your number one priority as a blogger.
  • If you have immensely valuable content, you can sell like crazy even if you offer it free.


2. Link to a relevant product

  • Linking to one of your products is a simple but effective strategy for getting eyeballs to your storefront.
  • But here’s the catch: you have to share a relevant product.
  • Solve your readers’ problems by sharing relevant products with them, and you’ll make their day.


3. Describe an insanely valuable use of your product

  • It makes sense why no one would want to buy your product unless they saw its benefits.
  • So don’t beat around the bush—show off your products’ benefits.
  • But it’s important that you’re not just praising your product as the best thing since sliced bread.
  • You have to give readers specific, detailed reasons why your product is great.
  • You’re simply letting your readers know that your product provides a shortcut to the results they want.
  • In other words, don’t dangle your product in front of your readers’ faces and say, “You have to buy this to get anything good.”
  • Give them the good stuff in the post itself.


4. Blog about your customers

  • Sharing your customers’ experiences with your product can work wonders.
  • Your readers get to see how your product is benefiting real people, and they’ll become more interested without feeling pressured.
  • Listen to ordinary people’s stories, and broadcast them to your audience.
  • Your readers will instantly connect with these stories, and that means they’ll connect more with your brand.


5. Do affiliate marketing (the right way)

  • If your readers really love your blog, they’ll be more than happy to help you out by buying something they were already interested in anyway.
  • Don’t be an intrusive salesperson who hawks products to their readers.
  • Be your readers’ friend, and recommend products that will improve their lives.


6. Fix a problem

  • People will always have problems, and they will always want to fix those problems.
  • That’s where you come in.
  • By fixing your readers’ problems with your blog posts, you’re earning their trust.
  • Eventually, they’ll want to check out what you have to offer.
  • No matter the approach you choose, make sure you’re thorough when fixing your readers’ problems.
  • Don’t give them a temporary duct tape fix—give them a long-term remedy.


7. Give away a preview

  • If you know you’ve got something good, give your readers a free preview.
  • Let them in on the action so they can see for themselves just how great your product is.
  • If you have a subscription service, give your readers a free trial. If you have an e-book, give away the first chapter.
  • Give away more than you think you should.
  • And make sure your free preview is packed with good stuff.
  • Don’t give away a limited free trial or an introduction.
  • Give your readers the good stuff, and when there’s no more free content, they’ll likely pay for more.


8. Hold a contest

  • No one can resist the offer of something free.
  • You can leverage this by holding a contest on your blog.
  • You’re probably thinking, “How can I generate sales if I’m giving something free?”
  • This is how.
  • Contests help you grow your audience and build interest in your brand.
  • After a successful contest, you’ll have a lot more people to share your products with.


9. Give your readers an exclusive deal

  • Every time your readers make the choice to check out your latest post, they’re investing their time in your work.
  • By giving your audience an exclusive deal, you’re thanking them and giving back.
  • Don’t make the offer public anywhere else.
  • Make it a readers-only deal, and say so.
  • You want your readers to feel special.



It’s all about helping.


If you’re focused on providing value, the selling part becomes a lot easier.


When you do it right, selling equals helping your readers.


Only promote products you know will improve your readers’ lives.


After you’ve been blogging and interacting with readers for a while, you’ll realize it’s a small community.


These people aren’t facts and figures.


They’re humans with problems that need to be solved, and you can help.


Your readers want to support you…..



All you have to do is ask.




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Sharing IS Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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45 Replies to “How To Use Your Blog to Generate Sales Hint…You Do Not Have To Be Salesy”

  1. Great insights, Joan. It’s funny–I give away a ton of free content on my editorial site. And in fact, that’s what my editorial blog is about too. My services are very expensive, so I don’t mind doing so. And it’s always amazing how often I get a query that begins: “I’ve been reading your blog for years . . . ”
    Love your ideas!

  2. Some great ways to monetize your blog and to make it more interesting. I like to match my CTA with the topic of my post. That way, I’m providing value instead of my offer coming out of left field.

  3. Great tips as usual, Joan. I love how you said with valuable content you can sell like crazy, even if you offer it free. I know I’m much more apt to purchase from someone who has already been really generous with their help and information.

  4. Brilliant tips! I find for me, that blogging helps create relationships, teachers people and when people like your style of reading, they will remember you when they requite a service or product that you offer.

  5. Very helpful tips as always, Joan. I love the idea of offering value, which for me means information, as then you somehow become the expert who hopefully they come to when they need what you are offering. Not always easy as a lifestyle writer, however, hopefully I’m moving closer to sharing my message in a way readers get!

    1. Thanks Beverley for your awesome comment and as always love your feedback 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job with getting your message out there so your readers understand 🙂

  6. Hey Joan,

    Indeed, linking to our products is really considered as effective strategy to withdraw attention. Today, many people in this field commonly practice, sharing of customers experience with product and this really seems effective in sense of productivity. It is really most important that our blog must be problem solving in nature so that we win their trust. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  7. Super ideas and ones that should resonate with those who hate the idea of selling. Regarding solving a problem — I think that’s one of the best ways to approach sales. Good stuff!

  8. Great suggestions…I still need to take this leap of selling something, I give value now but actually do not have a real product yet. I am thinking of creating a wine guide, short vidoes about Italian wine regions…to sell. Let’s see…it’s still a bit scary for me…ahah!

    1. Thanks Katarina! That sounds like it would be very helpful to your audience 🙂 Give it a try! Just do it! If you need any suggestions let me know, and I would be happy to help you 🙂

  9. I suck at contests, seriously. Maybe it’s because I’m not someone who typically enters contests myself, but I have tried and on each occasion fallen flat on my face. I’m not ready to give up, but I do think it’s time to do some experimenting. Thanks Joan!

  10. I’ve been ‘selling’ since I was 7 years old. The biggest lesson I’ve learned was to stop selling and start helping – a lesson you so eloquently described in this post. Good job. Thank you, Edward

  11. Hello Joan, Awesome tips as always girlfriend, I am curious, have you ever ran a contest before here on your blog? Just wondering how I would go about this? HUMM It is food for thought HUH?

    Great Share
    Thank You
    Chery :))

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