Use These Critical Words In Your Posts And Get More Shares

Critical Words You Need To Start Using In Your Blog Posts, and Social Media








The words you use (or choose not to use) are incredibly important — especially if you want people to share your posts.







Here are the top words that you need to encourage shares on blog posts and social media from Scott Ayres, Post Planner………




Let’s break it down into 3 categories: Blog Posts, Twitter & Facebook



Blog Posts:

If you want people to share your blog posts, you should use the following words in your headlines:

  • Smart
  • Surprising
  • Science
  • Hacks
  • Hackable
  • Hackers
  • Huge
  • Big
  • History
  • Critical (notice how I used that word in the blog title!)




Retweets are the name of the game on Twitter.

  • These words will get you more retweets:
  • Free
  • Top
  • Follow
  • Twitter
  • Media
  • Please Retweet (but don’t beg)
  • Please
  • Retweet
  • Great
  • Post
  • Blog Post
  • Check It Out
  • Help
  • New Blog Post
  • Social Media
  • Social
  • How To
  • You
  • 10




Getting a post shared by your fans on Facebook is no easy task — but if you use the right words & get shares, your page will definately grow.

  • Try using these words in your next post:
  • Warns
  • Inspires
  • Unites
  • Amuses
  • Gives
  • Offers
  • Discount
  • Deals
  • Amazes
  • Advises




What words do you think get the most shares?





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