How To Use Facebook Live To Engage With Your Audience And Build Your Brand

Utilizing Facebook Live To Engage With Your Audience And Build Your Brand




Facebook Live Here’s What You Need To Know For Better Engagement

So, you want to sell more of your products or services and get better engagement with your brand, but need a new strategy…….Enter Facebook Live… entirely new way to create content that allows you to communicate directly with your audience in a highly engaging manner. As a digital marketer, this should make you very excited…….I know for me I am SUPER EXCITED because as well as “reading” my content through my blog, my readers will be able to actually see me LIVE and VISUAL…..which is so COOL!


But you MUST get out of your comfort zone to take advantage of this powerful too 😉




If you do this well, it will enable you to capture an audience before the competition and potentially to find more effective ways to influence your customers and build your relationship.


In this post you are going to learn in more detail everything you could possibly need to know in order to start taking full advantage of this incredible opportunity and this amazing platform to begin building a big audience and interacting with that audience in a far more engaged and effective manner.




What is Live Streaming and Why Does it Matter?

As the name suggests, ‘live streaming’ means that you’re filming videos and streaming them live. So instead of creating content using a camera, editing it and then uploading it to YouTube, you are instead filming and streaming directly.  This is raw footage, broadcast  LIVE and it’s incredibly exciting.

For online marketers this is HUGE!!. There is something that viewers find remarkably exciting about watching something live and this also gives them the ability to ask questions, have discussion and get feedback live. This allows an unprecedented level of intimacy that can help you to build a much closer relationship with your audience and create much more engagement.




Facebook Live – What You Need to Know So You Can Get Started Today 

The first thing to recognize then is that this is a tool that you use with the Facebook app and not something you can do through the website.

Once you’ve loaded the app, you can then head to your page, your profile or a group. It’s still not obviously apparent where you go to stream though.  That’s because it’s hidden away and to find it you need to click on the status/post box as though you were going to write a status.

Once you click this, you’ll then be greeted with options down the bottom and one of these is the option to live stream……which looks like a small silhouetted figure with radio waves emitting from their head.

After a couple of seconds, the ‘connecting’ sign will turn into a blue button hat says ‘Go Live’. All you need to do next is to simply click this button in order to begin live streaming to your audience.

Describing the live video is of course important. This is what will allow people to know what you’re posting about and whether or not they’re interesting in watching.

You can also change where you are posting and who you are posting as. You’ll see your own profile in the top left but if you decide to post from your business page instead, then you’ll see that instead of your private profile.





What Marketers Need to Know

If you are a marketer, you’re going to want to create your video from your page. Most businesses, blogs and brands should be using a Facebook Page to promote themselves rather than using a profile. To start streaming from here, you then simply have to tap the ‘Post’ button, then tap anywhere in the text field and then choose the live-stream option.

This will automatically be a public video meaning that anyone can see it if they visit your page and meaning that your viewers can share your videos with other friends. But for the most part, only people who are following your page will see the content you’re creating unless they know someone who is a fan. This means that the best way to build your audience is to build more followers for your page.

The good news though is that live streams you create are more likely to be seen by your followers than other types of content.  While it’s not clear how many of your followers will automatically see your footage, it’s certainly true that this is an effective way to get in touch with your followers. What’s also exciting is that your followers can choose to subscribe to your live feeds and this way, they’ll be notified the next time you go live!

As you broadcast, you’ll also be able to see how many people are viewing your content and you’ll be able to see any comments or reactions that people leave. They can also post reactions ‘emojiis’ or ‘stickers’ in order to
show their appreciation, support or vitriol…Once you’ve finished recording, you simply tap to stop. At this point, the
video will just remain on your Facebook Page for people to continue watching, commenting and ‘liking’. This means that you get all the same benefits you would normally get from posting a live video but only with more exposure at the start.


Remember, from a marketing standpoint, one of the huge strengths of live streaming is your ability to interact with your audience. So make sure you are doing this: respond to the comments you see and say hi to the people
who log in….. For example: “Thanks for joining me! Do you have any questions?” This really increases
engagement and shows the audience just how exciting it is to be present, right there in that moment.







featurescheckmarkNow you’re up and running with Facebook Live, it might be useful to consider some of the other features that the platform offers and some of the other strategies you can use to gain an even bigger audience and succeed on this platform:

Editing Video

  • One very exciting thing that you can do with Facebook Live is to edit your videos once you’ve posted them.
  • This is a huge benefit as it means that you can make something professional out of your live stream!
  • It’s a feature that doesn’t exist with the other live streaming tools out there and it’s probably one of the very best features that sets Facebook Live apart as the best option for now.
  • All you need to do is to click on the date of the post in the timeline to access it and then choose ‘edit’.
  • You’ll then be taken to the ‘Edit Video’ page, where you’ll have Basic, Captions and Advanced tabs.
  • Pick ‘Basic’ and you can choose a category for your video.
  • This will make your video easier to find.
  • You can also create a title and upload a thumbnail.
  • Creating great thumbnails is a very important strategy for getting more people to watch your videos.
  • Facebook, like YouTube, will automatically generate thumbnails based on the content of the video – but you can also pick thumbnails from your existing photos, or upload photos to use yourself.

Add a Call to Action 

  • This is very handy for marketers as it will let you convert directly from your live video.
  • This will normally take the form of a ‘Buy Now!’ or ‘Subscribe Now!’ and will require you to choose a URL.
  • Make sure that you include this message verbally in your video too, that way you can direct more sales to your site and the video will be reinforcing what you’re saying.
  • The complete list of options here are:
    • No button
    • Book now
    • Download
    • Learn more
    • Shop now
    • Sign up
    • Watch more



The question still remains: should you choose Facebook over the other live streaming options? Is Facebook Live the one to bet on if you’re keen to invest time and effort into live streaming?




I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say unequivocally: yes. Facebook Live is certainly the best choice for live streaming. Facebook Live has the very best features and options when it comes to creating exciting live content and sharing it. The fact that you can save all of your content permanently is alone enough reason to get involved, as is the fact that you can promote that content and that you can share it with your existing page followers.

But what really makes the huge difference and gives Facebook its massive advantage over the competition is the huge amount of engagement the platform already sees and the fact that you can reach a gigantic audience without having to convince them to get involved.

To start making content on Facebook that will get seen by huge numbers of people, all you have to do is to start filming. Right away your videos will appear on their home feeds without them having to do anything and without them even needing to understand what ‘Facebook Live’ is. As soon as they start watching though, you can say ‘hello’ and shock them into new levels of engagement! The difference is subtle but huge and it makes a massive impact on your viewers and on your conversion rates.








If you enjoyed this post and found SO MUCH VALUE THAT YOU JUST CAN’T HELP BUT SHARE, please DO share……Thank you 🙂


Sharing IS Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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45 thoughts on “How To Use Facebook Live To Engage With Your Audience And Build Your Brand

  1. Hi Joan,

    I haven’t done a live FB video yet. Now you know me and how I love to use Facebook for marketing and socializing. But for the past few months I’ve been undergoing oral surgeries and have been swollen here and there. I didn’t want to look like a chipmunk with nuts in my mouth lol.

    But this is one thing on the TOP of my to do list to do. I had no idea we could edit the video and put things in like “buy now” – how exciting!

    Thank you so much for the little push and a full understanding of how this can be a great marketing tool.


    • Hi Donna 🙂

      Yes I certainly DO know how much you love using Facebook for marketing and socializing 😉 I hope you are feeling much better these days my friend. I can totally understand WHY you do not want to do any live videos or take any pictures…….but I know you will as soon as you are able.

      Yes, it is so cool how much you can do with Facebook Live videos…..I am really enjoying doing them!

      You are welcome for that little push and helping you to understand how beneficial this really is for us marketers and bloggers 🙂

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment and feedback! Always much appreciated 🙂

  2. Okay, I really can see all the benefits of this. But I just shudder at it! I keep being told I need to do this, and keep resisting. Shoot, I don’t even skype! That feels intrusive to me. LOL.
    But your post made me rethink it, Joan. Still not sure I’m gonna do this, but I’ll think about it 🙂

    • I knew you would Susan! LOL You would be so awesome at doing LIVE video!! Yeah! You are at least thinking about it 😉 Its fun! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Joan

    First this is so timely as you know I have been wondering where the Facebook Live apps looks like. So thanks for that info. Love your video and the motivation you share.

    I don’t know much about Facebook Live so I will check it out. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  4. Great step by step instructions on Facebook streaming. I will be bookmarking this for later. I haven’t done this yet, I will need to try it soon. Thanks for sharing so I don’t have to do the research. =)

  5. You’ve set out the steps so clearly, Joan. Live streaming is not something I’m keen to do but I can see that it may be the only way to be seen on Facebook eventually. I’ll bookmark this so I can refer to the steps when I feel brave enough to give it a go.:)

  6. Hi Joan ,
    I saw your video and was wondering how it is done .
    It seems to be a really amazing option to do Facebook
    Lifestream. You did explain very well how it has to be done.
    Everybody can follow it step by step and make it happen.
    Thank you for sharing this

    • Hi Erika,
      It is amazing to do a FB livestream! Thanks so much for your comment and feedback 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  7. Many people have hooked up with Live Facebook and I see the value. I also see your hair is much shorter than your profile image. I have wondered how people start finding you as you are broadcasting. I guess they are on, scrolling FB & see you & click to join. I haven’t watched many for many reasons, nor do I plan on doing them in the near future. But good to have these steps if & when.

  8. I’ve heard that FB is now favoring videos, so for those who are comfortable doing video, this is a great option. Live streaming on sites like Periscope seem to have become increasingly popular. Personally I am not thinking of doing live streaming, but am looking at using the function that allows us to make videos/slideshows. Thanks for all the tips on how to utilize FB more effectively, Joan and for those who love video…it sounds like they are all set with this feature.

    • Thank you Beverley! Doing live video is great as it gives you that more intimate one on one with your audience and they can see and hear you in “real time”, which for us bloggers and online marketers is a great advantage 🙂

  9. I still have to take the step of making any videos at all so I reckon live streaming will be a way off for me. The only thing I do is video Skype with some friends and family.

    • It is a great way to interact with your friends and fans on FB, Sue! When you are ready you will do it 🙂 Look forward to seeing you live!

  10. OH Joan, this is a great post and I know I need to do video, but personally I dislike it. Not doing video of me, but I don’t like to watch video. I have a ton to do and to sit and watch video takes way too much time so I don’t watch any video or live streaming. However I know I am in the minority. However recently I read that the majority of Facebook video watchers actually watch without sound. That puts an interesting twist on what to put on video, doesn’t it? 🙂

  11. Hi Joan,

    I’m not planning to roll with Facebook Live at this time. I realize that live video is changing the face of the social media landscape and entrepreneurs may want to not only be in the loop but to take advantage of this that opportunity.

  12. Hi Joan, thanks for this, it is so useful. I have seen some live streams on Facebook but didn’t really know anything about how it is activated. Very helpful guide. Now I can start using it too!

    Enjoy the journey!

    • You are welcome Mandy! Thank you for your feedback and awesome comment 🙂 YEAH!! I know you will have fun utilizing this awesome tool 😉

  13. Hi Joan,
    Facebook live a great tool to use to build the trust of your audience and grow your business.
    Very helpful tips on how to structure your content.
    Have a fantastic day!

    • Hi Emi,
      Thanks so much! Yes, it is a very helpful tool to help build the trust of your audience and absolutely help you to grow your business 🙂

  14. Hi Joan,
    Personally, I would Say very Nice post. I am always ready to learn new things about the social site but I am not able to view that video you have shared but will surely be checking as soon as possible.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love this post!

    Facebook is an amazing source to brand yourself. However, it seems that many people do it wrong. Becoming a positive influence and gaining a following on social media is a skill!

    Great points here, thanks for your tips 🙂

  16. Dear Joan – Wow – I had no idea. It’s especially nice to know that one can edit the live stream. I mean, it’s bad enough that I’d have to worry about what my hair would look like on any given live stream – but worrying about what comes out of my mouth – yikes!

  17. Have not tried the Live yet (nor Periscope). Need to get my poop in a group before I start branching out…you know, why I’m doing it, what do I hope to accomplish, how will I measure and so on. But one of these days…really!

  18. Hi Joan mam, Live streaming on facebook is little difficult thing. Now a days so many people are coming on facebook online..I am making videos for health and beauty never tried this Thanks for sharing great tips …

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