How To Use The Internet To Market Your Business

Using The Internet To Market Your Business








How you use the Internet to market your business really depends on your business and your target market.



If you want to become the “go to” person in the market place, it all starts with you!



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Here are seven steps that you need to follow on using the internet to market your business from Howard Partridge, Zig Ziglar’s Exclusive Small Business Coach.




1.  Have at least one website.

  • Your main site is your “branding” site……this tells your story
  • Your brand has to come through loud and clear on your site.
  • The first thing people do today when they learn about you is go to your site.
  • If a customer comes to your site and finds something old and tired, guess how they think about your business?
  • You may not need the flashiest site around, but your image does need to be positive.
  • Since you want to have fresh content, you may consider having a platform where you can post regular updates.


2.  Have an opt-in

  • An opt-in is a way for prospects to give you their e-mail address so you can communicate with them.
  • You want to offer something free that will benefit them.
  • Have a compelling opt-it that offers a solution to your target market’s biggest problem.
  • “Sign Up for Our Free Newsletter” isn’t compelling enough, unless you tell them what the benefit of getting the newsletter is.


3.  Have a regular outgoing e-mail newsletter.

  • An e-mail newsletter that adds value to your prospects and clients is a powerful tool.
  • As you give them solutions to their problems and offer solutions that your competitors aren’t even talking about, you position yourself as the “go to” person in your industry.


4.  Have a strong social media presence

  • Remember that all of business is about relationships.
  • Using social media can help you build and deepen relationships.
  • Remember that networking and engaging people on social media doesn’t mean you are just going after business deals.
  • You are building relationships that may become business deals.
  • Use the social media platforms that your clients and referral sources are using. Instead of picking the one you like, find out where they are and plug in.
  • Always respond to comments, acknowledge retweets, etc.
  • The key is engagement.
  • Don’t over promote.


5.  Understand SEO.

  • Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your site so that search engines rank it as a superior site for keywords and terms.
  • Think and strategize before putting time and energy into SEO that you could be putting into building powerful referral sources.


6.  Understand paid online advertising.

  • Do NOT get into the world of paid advertising without studying and understanding it.
  • That’s kind of like showing up to a gunfight with a dull pocket knife!


7.  Use a branded e-mail address.

  • When you are communicating with people, use an e-mail address that has your branding domain in it.
  • Having your website address present encourages people to visit your site.
  • Also, have your contact info in your e-mail signature (address, phone, website, etc.) at least, and maybe even an opt-in and a photo





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  1. Hey Joan,

    These tips go far… I can definitely do better in the social media arena to make my presence known better and build more relationships. This can definitely boost mines or anyone’s success! Thanks for sharing!

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