How To Use Pinterest For Business

Using Pinterest For Your Business……What You Need To Know










Answer these 5 questions before you even think about marketing your business on Pinterest:




1.  Who am I trying to reach?

2.  How can I help my customers?

3.  How can I make great content?

4.  What are my potential followers interested in?

5.  What topics should I choose for my followers?





Once you have those answers, just follow these 5 easy steps from Aaron Lee, Post Planner









5 Easy Steps To Using  Pinterest for Business





1. Build Lots of Boards

  • Boards provide the foundation for your Pinterest marketing plan.
  • Make specific boards about:
  • What you sell
  • Do-it-Yourself
  • Stuff your fans love
  • Items from your niche




2. Use High-Quality Pins

  • Don’t link to your website from photos from other people.
  • When pinning pins from others, always check the pins to make sure your followers will link to relevant sites.




3. Categorize Your Boards

  • Categorizing your boards is important for staying organized — so your followers can easily enjoy one particular board without having to follow everything.
  • One way to stay organized is by keeping your important boards related to your business.
  • Make sure when you create a new board that you select a topic.
  • This will help boost rankings for the new board.




4. Collaborate

  • Don’t just create Pinterest boards by yourself from scratch — partner with other people to market yourselves on Pinterest.
  • That way when you post on boards from your partners, those who follow the boards will see your pins.
  • This creates a win-win as long as you don’t collaborate with a board filled with spammers
  • Pinterest is more a research tool than a social media network.
  • People use Pinterest to search for pins to add to their boards.
  • If you want them to discover you on Pinterest, you must know what they search for.
  • Check out the 10 commandments of Pinterest here




5. Devote Time to Pinterest

  • Make sure to give Pinterest the time it deserves!
  • The more time you devote to Pinterest, the more you’ll get from the social media website.







What are your best tips for finding Pinterest followers & convincing them to stay? 










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  1. I am always trying to improve my Pinterest. I have the most difficulty with pinning other people’s posts not just my own so I’ll have to work on that. I always try to satisfy the needs of my readers by alternating between crafts, recipes, reviews, tips, etc. to keep them interested and knowing to watch for the next recipe or craft or teaching tip. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Dear Joan,

    Simple and effective tools for using Pinterest. I hadn’t thought about being specific and thinking of it as more of a research tool than a social network. That really changes everything.



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