How To Use Pinterest For Business

Using Pinterest For Your Business……What You Need To Know










Answer these 5 questions before you even think about marketing your business on Pinterest:




1.  Who am I trying to reach?

2.  How can I help my customers?

3.  How can I make great content?

4.  What are my potential followers interested in?

5.  What topics should I choose for my followers?





Once you have those answers, just follow these 5 easy steps from Aaron Lee, Post Planner









5 Easy Steps To Using  Pinterest for Business





1. Build Lots of Boards

  • Boards provide the foundation for your Pinterest marketing plan.
  • Make specific boards about:
  • What you sell
  • Do-it-Yourself
  • Stuff your fans love
  • Items from your niche




2. Use High-Quality Pins

  • Don’t link to your website from photos from other people.
  • When pinning pins from others, always check the pins to make sure your followers will link to relevant sites.




3. Categorize Your Boards

  • Categorizing your boards is important for staying organized — so your followers can easily enjoy one particular board without having to follow everything.
  • One way to stay organized is by keeping your important boards related to your business.
  • Make sure when you create a new board that you select a topic.
  • This will help boost rankings for the new board.




4. Collaborate

  • Don’t just create Pinterest boards by yourself from scratch — partner with other people to market yourselves on Pinterest.
  • That way when you post on boards from your partners, those who follow the boards will see your pins.
  • This creates a win-win as long as you don’t collaborate with a board filled with spammers
  • Pinterest is more a research tool than a social media network.
  • People use Pinterest to search for pins to add to their boards.
  • If you want them to discover you on Pinterest, you must know what they search for.
  • Check out the 10 commandments of Pinterest here




5. Devote Time to Pinterest

  • Make sure to give Pinterest the time it deserves!
  • The more time you devote to Pinterest, the more you’ll get from the social media website.







What are your best tips for finding Pinterest followers & convincing them to stay? 










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