How To Use Social Media To Sell Without Really Selling

Use Social Media to Sell without Selling










Do you sound salesy” when you are marketing on social media?





Think about it…do you like to be ‘sold’?





Most of us don’t so keep these 5 Ways to Sell Without Sounding Salesy by Kim Garst,  Boom Social , in mind when you are marketing on social media.









5 Ways to Sell Without Sounding “Salesy”





1.  Focus on Serving Others

  • People today are much savvier and they are looking to connect with real people who care about who they are and what they are looking for in their businesses.
  • Lead with value and what you can do to help OTHERS.
  • Make your audience your number one priority!
  • Show that you care, that you are honest and are genuinely interested in providing a solution to their problem.




2.   Listen

  • Why do you avoid a salesman at a car lot or perhaps a saleswoman in a department store?
  • Because they never stop talking, making suggestions, talking about their products, etc.
  • Take the opposite approach.
  • Let them talk, explain what their business needs are and what their issues might be.
  • This way you can be certain that you have a solution to their problem.




3.   Teaching Sells

  • If you focus on a teaching platform that will teach and benefit your potential clients, you will stand out in a very crowded marketplace.
  • “The key to this strategy, says Kim,  is to lead with free quality content that provides value to your prospects.”
  • This may be in the form of blog content, videos, free reports, webinars…there are tons of ways to provide value!
  • If the content is good, your prospects will recognize this, want more of your knowledge base and be willing to pay for it.




4.   Build Relationships

  • Social media is a great way to connect with like-minded people who are in need of our services or products.
  • The key to this is that you have to devote the time to building a relationship with your audience.
  • This means you have to engage, respond to questions on social media and through email and be present where people can communicate with you.
  • Respond when necessary and always give appreciation to those who are promoting you and your business.





5.   Be Brave, Positive and ALWAYS Be Pleasant

  • Always be positive and always, always, always be pleasant to your audience.
  • Actions are what people pay attention to and how you handle a positive or negative situation can define your business in so many ways.






Remember…if you see dollar signs on every person that you connect with, you will not be as successful as if you stop worrying about sales and worry about what your audience needs are.





Once you know what that is, give it to them.





Lead with a service based heart and your audience and sales with follow!









If you enjoyed these tips, and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share……..Thank You!



Sharing Is Caring!




To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Joan: I think I understand where you are coming from with the “without really selling”, but if money changes hands then we are REALLY selling. If no money changes hands we are providing a charitable service. I read a definition of marketing as being “preparation for the sale” so I see the “not really selling” as simple being marketing. Why am I saying this? Because I have invested a lot of time in people who seem, in hindsight, to want to earn oodles of money without any money changing hands. When people become comfortable with money changing hands as a result of the people they help the whole mindset changes. Wouldn’t you agree? prp

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