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Today’s post is by my good friend and expert author, Donna Ward, ENJOY!!!


Can You Tweet To Grow Your Blog?


Do you ever tweet to grow your blog?


A Tweet can be your power blogging tool.


You can be promoting your blog no matter what size your Twitter following might be.


So what can you do with Twitter?



The more people that talk about your blog on Twitter, the more followers you’ll get.

Here’s some ideas you might like to try…

#1. Your readers are already on Twitter. So don’t miss out on your opportunities to be part of their conversations.

You can use Twitter successfully to help meet your blogging goals by:

  • Bringing more people back to read your blog.
  • Hopefully inspiring your readers to make comments (Search Engines like this also).
  • Motivating them to want more great information from you!

#2 Think about this to attract your ideal readers…

Write 10 problems, or questions, that your information helps solve for your ideal reader.

Prepare 3 tweets to send out for each problem – to attract and interest your ideal readers – that would be 30 tweets ready to go.

Ex: One problem my blog readers have and 3 tweets:

  1. How to promote your blog? The problem and then the 3 tweets I might use…
    1. Want to easily attract more traffic to your blog? New post shows you how.
    2. Get results now with this no-cost Twitter guide full of secrets to get more blog readers and Twitter followers. Click this link ==> Twitter and Your Blog
    3. Can you Tweet to grow your blog? In depth guide shows you how you can.


Add your URL link to your blog at the end of each Tweet.

Then set up your tweets to go out 3 times each day – one in the early AM, mid-PM, and late evening – Your ideal audience reads at different times during the day.

Set this up to go out automatically, on for an entire month and repeat each month.


Golden Tip: Do set up your account on Tweetdeck

This is how you can monitor your tweets so much easier!

TweetDeck gives you a dashboard that organizes and displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter account.

Sign up at: – Helping you respond to tweets more quickly and get more followers!


Not too difficult right?


Your Tweets will be expressing your own voice and style. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through as you send out notes to your Twitterverse.


Are you ready to tweet and grow you blog on a daily and regular basis?


Putting your system into place makes it a lot easier to keep your blog out there to be seen by others.


If you enjoyed this Guest Blog post from my Expert Author, and good friend Donna Ward on how to grow your blog using Twitter, and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share….Thank You!


Sharing Is Caring!


To Your Success,
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  1. Thank you, Sweetie! Love seeing my post on your site – I am ready to have one from you –

    We have so much fun in the blogosphere!

    Big hugs!! I so appreciate you 🙂 And like your new look here!

    1. You are so very welcome girlfriend!! Always a pleasure to feature your expertise and value Donna 🙂 Thank you!! Yes I will get it to you, promise 🙂 Yes we do have so much fun in the blogosphere dont we?
      Big Hugs!!! Appreciate you too! Thank you, glad you like my “new” look…..needed a change 😉

  2. Great tips! I fell into the habit of just automatically syndicating my blog posts and left it at that because one of the blogging communities I belong to focuses on Twitter so I knew I was getting a lot of exposure that way. What I failed to take into account was that when people interested in following me would visit my profile page they saw very little of ‘me’ on there and almost all sharing of other people’s content! Well, that’s fine to a degree but I was becoming virtually invisible on my own Twitter feed! When I re-engaged on Twitter I saw a change almost immediately and my account has begun growing again. Sometimes we get so busy we miss the forest for the trees!

    1. Hmmm, I did not realize that about Tweetdeck, will have to check into that 😉 Always can improve on our social media strategies, especially on Twitter, I am guilty of not being as active as I would like..Thanks so much Rachel, appreciate you awesome comment!

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