Are You Using These 5 Unique Strategies That Will Increase Your Sales?

5 Unique Strategies Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Using To Increase Sales








It’s becoming harder and harder to gain attention from your audience, add in higher advertising costs, and you come to one conclusion…….




…….That when you get a new customer, you must do everything humanly possible to provide as much value as possible while developing that relationship.




If you’re like most people, you might have a traditional upsell sequence in place which helps fill out your back-end to increase customer lifetime value.






In this post, I’d like to share with you 5 unique ways to increase your sales and profits BEYOND a traditional upsell sequence from Jeremy Reeves a sales funnel specialist.






Strategy #1 – Surveys

  • Surveys are a fantastic way to segment your buyers and discover their unique interests, without them even realizing it.
  • Using surveys is the fastest and easiest way to create sub-lists of customers who are able and willing to tell you exactly what they want from you, both in terms of content, and in terms of products or services.
  • You can use surveys in several different ways for several different purposes, including:
  • At the beginning of your optin pages to segment your prospects
  • Directly after a sale (or even on the checkout page) to segment your buyers
  • Within emails themselves to gather more information about your audience
  • Before creating a new product so you know exactly what your audience wants
  • No matter how you choose to implement your surveys, the point is to use them to gather data.
  • Then use the data from the survey to increase your sales while sending messages just to those parts of your audience that you know are interested.


Strategy #2: Personal Coach Campaigns

The purpose is to offer your audience:

  • Tips for using your product/service properly to extract the most benefit.
  • Case studies of other successful customers to reduce buyers’ remorse.
  • Reassurance that they’ve made a great purchasing decision.
  • Information about other products/services that they would find helpful.
  • Ways to give you feedback/testimonials in exchange for gifts.
  • It’s a very genuine way to help customers and increase your back-end sales at the same time.
  • Plus it’s easy to setup.
  • You can learn how to write emails in 15 minutes or less.
  • Then put new customers through the sequence before sending them other offers.
  • Trust me, you’ll “wow” them… because nobody else is doing it!


Strategy #3: Retargeting

  • Retargeting is a huge opportunity that most online businesses are missing.
  • If you aren’t familiar, retargeting is a way to track visitors to your website and then present them with a banner ad for your product or service later, when they’ve left your site.
  • I’m sure you’ve had the experience of visiting a company and then seeing that company’s banner on other websites you visit.
  • Retargeting allows you to follow people even after they’ve left your site.
  • You can stay top-of-mind for a fraction of what you’d pay for regular cost-per-click advertising.
  • It can be even more effective on existing customers.
  • Here’s what you do.
  • Place a tag on your thank you page.
  • That way you know you’ll only be sending that retargeting message to existing buyers, who are worth more money to your business.
  • Then, rotate your ads, showing different offers.
  • When a customer clicks on one of those ads, they get put into a specific autoresponder campaign giving them more information about that product or service.
  • It takes work.
  • It takes time.
  • But it’s WELL worth the effort to increase sales.


Strategy #4: Stick Letters

  • Most people marketing online today refuse to test going offline.
  • And they’re making a huge, huge mistake.
  • One of the strategies used by those who use both online and offline marketing is called a stick letter
  • Think of a stick letter as your first upsell page.
  • It is a 2-4 page letter which first thanks the customer for the order.
  • It then gives a few tips on getting the most out of what they have bought (like the personal coaching campaign above).
  • Finally, the letter transitions into telling that customer about a special offer because they’re a new customer.
  • Just like an upsell page.
  • They’re easy to create.
  • You can even automate it by creating a postcard which gets sent to the customer, leading to an online video.


Strategy #5: Personal Consulting Calls

  • These days, people throw up red flags the second they feel an incoming pitch.
  • So instead of calling customers and immediately pitching them, you do something like this…
  • Hire someone to call each new customer.
  • The purpose of this call is to acknowledge who you are and why you are calling them.
  • The reason you’re calling them is to make sure they are doing OK with whatever they just bought from you, and to make sure they don’t have any questions or need any assistance to get the most out of their purchase.
  • In the process of answering their questions, you then become a consultative adviser.
  • Instead of trying to “sell” them, you are instead trying to HELP them.
  • You can now ask probing questions to determine exactly why they bought, what they’re struggling with, and what their goals are.
  • Then if you have another product or service which would meet their needs, you can discuss it with them with full authenticity.






Now it’s time to get to work.




Figure out which of these makes the most sense for you to implement right away.




Either do it yourself, or hire someone with the experience to get it done for you.




Then, get started on whatever makes the second most sense for you.




Continue doing this until you have implemented all 5 strategies.




Then, take a step back and see how much your sales (and profits) have increased!








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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  1. These are real powerful tips you mention. I was just considering the other day of using surveys somehow for my business and here you go….after reading this it feels like something is telling me to go forward with it and figure it out as you go! Thanks for sharing such great value and tip Joan!

  2. This is a post filled with value for business owners. I will be sharing this on my linked in page. I have a number of people in my network who are businessowners.

  3. Thanks for the tips, it was an interesting read. I do a lot of online and offline marketing so it was great that you touched on that. I’ve not personally tried the retargeting as yet, not sure I will, but I’m interested in your results with retargeting please. Is it something you would recommend Joan?

    1. Thank you Paul 🙂 I have a few resources on how use retargeting in your marketing……Is this something you would like to learn more about? I highly recommend as it does work if you follow the right way 🙂

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