Using Content To Find More Customers

How To Use Content To Find More Customers












Using Content To Find More Customers





If you are a blogger or a writer, you know that creating great content makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, does it not?




How do you get customers from it?




“You need to put some time, thought and planning into the marketing side of the content”……says  of CopyBlogger.






Get attention by raising questions and poking around at pain points that you can address in later content.





Tell stories that resolve objections.



Be subtle about it.



The purpose of this content is to get your audience into a receptive state of mind before they start hearing any overt sales messages from you.



Create interest and desire for what you have to offer, but don’t talk too much (if at all) about how you’re going to solve all your audience’s problems and make their lives wonderful.



If your content is compelling enough, your audience will stick around to find those answers.







How do you convert attention to your customers?







The answer is to keep delivering compelling messages to your audience, either using a blog, an email autoresponder, or both by teaching and entertaining more than you sell.

  • At this point you’re building your case, establishing trust, and increasing the intensity of your audience’s desire.
  • Everything they receive from you should make them feel good.
  • Each piece of content is a “cookie” that rewards your audience for consuming it.
  • When you do this consistently, your content becomes an appealing habit for your readers.
  • High-quality content trains your readers and listeners to keep opening your stuff.
  • It rewards them for doing what you want them to do.
  • Preferably both.





When you’re ready to take an order, send your loyal fan to a well-crafted landing page.




That page does the most explicit selling, with a killer offer and a clear, direct call to action.




Decide what action you want readers to take.




Ask them to take that action.




Ask them clearly, succinctly and unmistakably.




Put at least one unambiguous call to action into every piece of persuasive writing you create.




You’ll see results.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Great post Joan,
    I think many times people fall short in the keep the communications open part, maybe they are afraid they will bug the people. It could be that they feel like if someone doesn’t join them then just write them off. Sad but I know some do that at any rate thank you for sharing the value you find and all the things you know. 🙂

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