What Is Your Value Proposition?

Your Value Proposition…..What You Need To Know…..








Do you know what your value proposition is?



Do you even have one for your business?





What exactly is a value proposition?

  • Your value proposition is a strategically crafted statement that is definitive of your unique selling point.
  • It seeks to encompass everything that sets your business apart from everyone else, and it helps to guide your potential customer’s decision-making process




Without a value proposition, you lose your opportunity to speak directly to your target audience, and tell them why they should pick you over any of your competitors.



Here are 4 questions that you need to ask yourself to help you define what your value proposition is before you can cement it in stone from Carly Stec, Impact Branding and Design



1.  What exactly do you do?

  • Start with your industry.
  • Within your specified industry, what is your expertise?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • In order to develop a strong value proposition, you must be able to clearly, and confidently define what your business does and how you do it differently than the rest of the businesses in your niche.



2.  Who is your target audience?

  • It is senseless to create content with no clear concept of who you are trying to reach, which is why it is critical to align your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Take the time to sit down and map out who are communicating with, and find out what people are expressing the most interest.



3.  What are their pain points?

  • Find out what the main challenges are that these people are facing.
  • Aim to uncover if their problem is unavoidable, urgent, or underserved.
  • This type of information will help you generate a greater sense of importance when it comes to encouraging your customers that your product or service has what it takes to fill in the gap.



4.  How will your product or service remedy the issue?

  • Think about the products or services that you’ve bought lately.
  • Almost everything we buy serves a purpose because products and services are designed to the solve problems we have, and the problems we didn’t even know we had.
  • Take a step back and look at your products or services in terms of solutions.
  • What types of problems do they have the potential to solve?
  • Once you have a good understanding of how your products or services can remedy your target audiences pain points, you can begin to present this information in such a way that will showcase them as a solution.
  • Position your product or service as a helpful resource that your customers can’t do without.
  • Once you know what this key problem is, it then becomes surprisingly easy to position your product or service as a helpful way to solve it.





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  1. This is a great blog Joan! I have shared it for more to see.

    You addressed a topic that I have seen presented previously, however, your presentation was very unique and well written.

  2. Great post Joan loaded with value. I especially like the part about: how will your product or service remedy the situation….Thanks for sharing

  3. I think that the main thing about solving problems is finding out what people want and helping them get it.

    Harry Browne says the following: Do they have a problem to solve?

    Can you solve their problem?

    Do they want to solve their problem?

    And the main thing is do they want to solve their problem with YOU?

    The fourth question is the most important part, you can have the most knowledge about what he wants to take care of but if he doesn’t like you because you are unfriendly or for whatever reason then the rest does not matter.

    You have to be enthusiastic and passionate what he wants to solve, because you want to win his heart and make the sale.

    Everybody is a salesman, people have to buy YOU just like they would buy a car. Remember the statement “I don’t buy it.” and “I buy it” they have to have the same feeling towards you too!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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