Want A Blog That’s Thriving Not Just Barely Surviving?

Do you have a blog that is barely surviving?







You don’t have to just settle for a blog that’s met with modest enthusiasm and lukewarm engagement



You want a popular blog with lots of loyal readers who hang on your every word and be just as successful as your mentors, changing the world and maybe even getting paid to do so……But you know you haven’t got a chance of seeing that kind of success unless you can truly engage your readers and keep them interested over the long haul.



The question is how?



There is a way to captivate and keep your audience’s attention, even if you’re a beginner, and even if you’ve tried before with limited success.



It’s a game changer, one that can take your blog from teetering on the brink of failure to achieving the success you dream of…….

  • You know the feeling…….You’re reading a blog post and it grabs you and pulls you in…….You relate to what the author says so strongly you feel like she’s reading your mind. 
  • The result – you feel compelled to respond.
  • You leave a glowing comment, share the post with your friends, and bookmark it to read again later.



Then you wonder, how did she do that?




“The answer is empathy – the master key to all doors leading to blogging greatness”.…….says Leanne Regalla (who teaches creative people of all kinds to pursue their passions without going broke)…..The better you understand your audience, the more enthusiastically they’ll respond to everything you do……Without empathy, your blog doesn’t have a chance of succeeding.



“First you need to ignore some of the most common advice about empathy”……..says Leanne……“Conventional wisdom says that to understand your audience you should create a detailed profile of your ideal reader – their income, education, gender, hobbies, even what pets they own”.

  • But, if you actually try this conventional wisdom…..problems usually surface right away:
  • You spend way too much time obsessing about getting these details right.
  • You end up concentrating on trivial information that doesn’t matter.
  • Instead, turn your attention to the things that do matter.
  • You can only develop empathy with your audience if you have a deep understanding of real readers, not theoretical “ideal” ones.
  • That means understanding the people who already visit your blog – and the people who may do so in the future but are currently hanging out elsewhere.
  • Follow the people who share your content on social media and notice what else they’re sharing.
  • And when readers leave comments on your blog, try to find other places where they are commenting.
  • Those other sites will be a treasure trove of useful information about your readers





Here’s how to become a master of empathy just by stepping inside your reader’s heads

  • The key to showing empathy is convincing your audience you know exactly what they’re going through.
  • Show them that you understand (and even share) their concerns and preoccupations.
  • The basis for this is not some collection of ideal demographic characteristics, but four simple drivers of human behavior: dreams,desires, fears and frustrations.
  • If you know your readers’ biggest dreams, deepest desires, most paralyzing fears and most frequent frustrations, then you hold the keys to a passionately engaged audience.


Here are 3 Simple Ways to Gain Access to Your Readers’ Innermost Thoughts

1) Observe and take notes

  • Watch the interaction between readers in your blog post comments, on social media, etc.
  • Collect and keep track of all the great nuggets – anything relating to fears, frustrations, or their most cherished dreams.

2) Listen to what they are already telling you

  • If you already have direct contact with some of your readers – maybe you have clients or customers who reflect your blog audience – then you already have a great source of insights for your empathy lists.
  • Collect and save any insights your audience gives you – whether it comes by email, in person, by phone or over Skype.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions until you get to a real understanding of the issue.
  • Your goal is to understand not just what they think and feel, but why.

3) Go right ahead and ask them what they think

  • Instead of waiting for valuable information to drift in, you can create a simple survey, email your subscriber list, canvas social media followers, or write a blog post to ask about people’s biggest dreams and scariest obstacles and to find out what they need to move forward.
  • Keep your questions open-ended to encourage responses.
  • And remember that people won’t always feel comfortable sharing in public spaces like blog comments, so offer to take conversations over to the privacy of email.



It’s not magic.



Follow this process and you’ll see that the closer you get to your reader’s “hidden” secrets, the bigger a reaction you’ll elicit and the more they will love you for it.

  • And you’ll know you’re on the right track when you get comments like this:
  • “Thank you so much; this was perfect timing!”
  • “This was exactly what I needed to hear today.”
  • “It’s like you were reading my mind!”
  • “I’ve been putting this off, but I’m going to get started right away.”




Empathy allows you to connect with your readers in a way that will excite them, build loyalty, and have them hanging on your every word.



You don’t have to settle for a blog that’s met with modest enthusiasm and lukewarm engagement.




Empathy is not just a born talent – it can also be a learned skill.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington






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0 Replies to “Want A Blog That’s Thriving Not Just Barely Surviving?”

  1. Great post! I was just feeling down because I wasn’t able to blog for a few weeks (only got in a couple over a month’s time) and I was using a new layout, where comments weren’t automatically enabled. So zero comments. I felt I had come quite a ways from those early days and now I feel as if I’m starting from scratch. So, as you say, “good timing!”

  2. Hi Joan,

    You are on target with this. Empathy will improve your skills with your blog, your social media and even when you want to offer a product and/or service. It all starts with that word.

    It means that we are listening to people and their problems…we can offer solutions for that. It also means that we really do care about others and when we do, people have a funny way of just knowing that.

    If one is online for any reason at all Empathy is the key word!


  3. I do believe that marketers can over complicate the process of analyzing their audience with demographics and marketing profiles. Your thorough article makes sense to look at the simple drivers of human behavior to understand and emphasize with your audience… brilliant!

  4. Thanks Joan,
    I wish I had read this post two years ago when I started it is a great basics for a healthy Blog. Connecting and sharing from the heart, I Love the Idea.
    You have a Gift thank you for sharing,

  5. Joan, I really like what you say about knowing your *real* reader, and not just theoretical ones. As a writer, I struggle with not knowing my audience. It’s one thing to say I write for such and such age group, but I need more. I need to see their faces, and know enough about them to form a clear picture. This is not so easy when you’re writing to a “book audience”, but the principle is still very important. And I can still learn from what you’ve posted on how to get know your readers.

  6. Sometimes it can be really hard to engage your audience.. it can take time.. the best approach is to give people what they want.. You could if you wanted put on facebook ‘What do you want out of life’ and then see what responses what you get.. then give them what they want. Think about that for a minute… give enough people what they want…… you know the rest right?


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