Want To Know The Secret To Writing Good Headlines?

The Secret To Writing Good Headlines









How To Write Successful Headlines





Do you hate writing headlines?





“Lots of people have a hard time coming up with a good headline but the good news is you can learn how to use words to capture people’s attention and get more click-throughs”……says Aurelius Tjin, Unstoppable Profits





Headlines are essentially promises and in order to get the reader’s attention you have to promise them something useful and interesting to them.





It’s so important to write everything from the perspective of who you’re writing for, what their goals are, their dreams, fears, challenges, fantasies, etc.





You have to take into account all of this when creating effective headlines.








Here are 21 powerful fill-in-the-blank(s) headlines you can use as a template, from Aurelius Tjin







“How To” Headlines

  • “How to” headlines are some of the most popular among bloggers because they tell the reader exactly what they’re going to find out from the post.
  • How To _____
  • Example: How To Get 6-Pack Abs
  • How To _____ And _____
  • Example: How To Win Friends And Influence People
  • How To _____ In _____
  • Example: How To Open A Beer Bottle In 2 Seconds
  • How To _____ Even If _____
  • Example: How To Run Create A Blog From Scratch Even If You’re Just Starting Out




Checklist, List Post, or Step by Step Guide

  • Easy buttons offer simple solutions to common problems by offering tips, step by step guide, list, etc.
  • Your readers will have an easy time processing the information.
  • _____ Ways To ____
  • Example: 10 Ways To Travel Around The World For Less Than $50 A Day
  • Your Best Guide To ____
  • Example: Your Best Guide To Cheap Eats In San Francisco
  • Ultimate Solution To ____
  • Example: Ultimate Solution To Blogging Like A Pro
  •  __ Steps To _______
  • Example: 7 Steps To Getting Cheap Cruises In The Bahamas




Inspire Success

  • Headlines are the first thing people see in your content and they use it to judge the quality or relevance of your posts.
  • Use these templates to inspire success and drive results among your readers:
  • Why ____ Always _____
  • Example: Why Top Entrepreneurs Always Wake Up Before Anyone Else
  • Become _____ With ____
  • Example: Become More Attractive To Women With These 3 Body Language Tweaks
  • _____ You’ll Be _____
  • Example: Create Sweet Portuguese Tarts You’ll Be Proud Of
  • Brand Yourself Like _____
  • Example: Brand Yourself Like Redbull




Use a Warning To Grab The Reader’s Attention

  • Tabloids and magazines use this little trick all the time to get people reading their stories so why not use it yourself?
  • The ____ Worst _____ Mistakes And What They’ll Cost You
  • Example: The 7 Worst Bookkeeping Mistakes And What They’ll Cost You
  • Avoid ____ When ____
  • Example: How To Avoid Looking Like A Clown When Putting On Makeup
  • What ____ Isn’t/Aren’t Telling You About ____
  • Example: What Your Mechanic Isn’t Telling You About Your Vehicle Service
  • The Real Truth Behind _______
  • Example: The Real Truth Behind What Happened To Flight 123




Answers To Common Questions

  • All your readers have questions and they want you to offer them answers and solutions to their problems.
  • Find out what they struggle with and create headlines that promise to solve the problems.
  • Could You Be Making A Mistake When _____?
  • Example: Could You Be Making A Mistake When Doing Sit Ups?
  • Do You Struggle With _____?
  • Example: Do You Struggle With Getting Things Done?
  • Revealed: __________
  • Example: Revealed: The Little-Known Secret To Ending Procrastination
  • Discover Secrets to _____
  • Example: Discover Secrets To Preventing Acne
  • If You’re Trying But Failing To _____, Try ____
  • Example: If You’re Trying But Failing To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month, Try This Strategy




In order to make these headlines really stand out, consider the following:

  • Controversy or curiosity works.

  • Trigger words can boost the power of your headlines.

  • Call out your readers.

  • Target your audience more specifically so the post is meaningful to them.

  • Make the headline believable.






The Secret to writing good headlines is to write as many headlines as you can.





Just follow this guide and your headlines will start to get the attention they deserve and as a result your posts will get more views.





You may choose to experiment with different headlines and inject some personality in them if it blends well with the audience and the message.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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