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How To Grow Your Network and Get More Traffic To Your Blog









Discover this 3-step formula for getting more traffic to your blog





 The ONLY 3-STEP FORMULA that you’ll ever need to get more traffic and grow your blog as big as you want from Scott Dinsmore, Live Your Legend.




Step #1. Write insanely useful content.

  • There is nothing more important than writing content that genuinely helps people……
  • Find your voice.
  • Speak from the heart.
  • When people visit your site, they are going to make a very fast decision whether to stay or not.
  • Your content has to keep them there.
  • Blow people’s minds.
  • Tie in ridiculous personal experiences and stories
  • Go out and have unique experiences and interact with passionate people and then bring it all back to your writing.
  • Always be helping.
  • Think of the things your readers most need help with.
  • What expertise do you have to help others?
  • Constantly be thinking of ways to help people with real problems and do it in unique ways.
  • Start with your problems.
  • Be dependable.
  • Pick a writing and posting schedule and stick to it.
  • Give your readers something to anticipate and expect on a schedule they can rely on.
  • Constantly practice.
  • The more writing you do, the better you’ll get at it.
  • Find time to write everyday, even if it’s only a sentence or two.
  • Pay attention to what your mentors in the space are doing.
  • Notice how they write.
  • Learn and apply it.
  • Your site has to be full of insanely useful stuff.
  • Simple as that.
  • This is where it all starts.



Step #2. Write guest posts (i.e. Write insanely useful content for other sites)

  • This is the game-changer……
  • If you want new people to join your following, you have to get your insanely useful content in front of new people.
  • The best and most consistent way to do this is by writing for other peoples’ sites (known as guest posting)
  • Potentially thousands more people will experience your work, and as a bonus the new inbound links will also help a ton with your Google rankings and online credibility.
  • Most importantly, you’ll get to help more people with your content. 
  • Start small.
  • Reach out to people who have maybe twice your following.
  • Pick sites that relate to your work.
  • Look at their recent posts, check their comments and notice what their audience looks for.
  • Start pitching.
  • Write a short email mentioning your site and the idea you have for an article that would help their readers.
  • Always focus on how you can help them and their readers.
  • Everything comes back to that.
  • List a few provocative headlines as possible topics.
  • Mention any other sites you’ve written for with an example of your best work and send it out.
  • Customize to their site.
  • Don’t write a generic post and try to pitch it to ten sites to see what sticks.
  • Every post should be crafted to fit the message of the specific site’s readers and message.
  • Show them you pay attention to their work.
  • Start this week.
  • There is a whole art behind guest posting and pitching and the best way to learn it is to start doing it.
  • Pitch and write at least one article in the next five days.
  • Leverage momentum.
  • As you get more guest posts live, your credibility will build and more people will accept.
  • Before long people will be offering you spots on their site without even having to ask.
  • Trust the process.
  • Realize that not every guest post you write will yield a ton of traffic, even from some of the big sites where you’d expect it.
  • Stick to the process.
  • You will get results.
  • Prepare for the traffic.
  • If you take this seriously, a lot of new people are going to be coming your way.
  • At the least be sure you have a super easy way for them to subscribe (ideally using an email management program like Aweber
  • Put the subscribe box above the fold where it will catch the eye.
  • Top right usually works well.
  • Give something away.
  • Also offer something free for those who sign up.
  • This can be as simple as a PDF of your top 10 or 20 posts.
  • Don’t over think this stuff.
  • Keep it simple and watch what happens.



Step #3. Create genuine connections.

Hands down the best way to get the chance to write for other sites is by creating real-life connections with the people who own them.

  • People miss this one all the time.
  • We forget that the online world is still run by real people.
  • They want to connect.
  • We all do.
  • It’s time to get out from behind your screen and reach out.
  • Start thanking people.
  • Make a point to send a note of thanks via twitter or email to people who’ve written content you enjoy.
  • Be genuine with your praise.
  • Link to people in every post you write.
  • Links are the currency of the Internet.
  • Start dishing them out like crazy.
  • Tell people you mentioned them.
  • Send a short note letting them know you linked to their article and thank them for giving you something awesome to link to.
  • Don’t ask for anything in return.
  • Just be generous.
  • Create a network.
  • Find some people at a similar level and work together to link to each other’s work and build each other up.
  • These relationships will be invaluable as you grow, create products and build your influence.



BONUS STEPHave a clear brand.

  • If you do the above three things you will grow faster than you could have ever imagined, (even if your core message is a little weak).
  • But your brand still makes a huge difference and is very worth getting right.
  • It also massively helps your chances of turning your blog into a business
  • Communicate how you want to help your readers.
  • Are you making the value you’re offering to your readers crystal clear?
  • The more obvious this is the easier it will be for them to explain your value to others, link to you and want to spend time with your stuff.
  • It also makes anyone more likely to subscribe.
  • Take the time to nail a crystal clear brand message and design.
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated and in-depth, just clear.





It is totally possible if you’re willing to put in the work.




It is completely on you.




The good news is not that many people are doing it.




Don’t be one of them.





How bad do you want it?







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Joan Harrington



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0 Replies to “Do You Want More Traffic To Your Blog?”

  1. Great value packed post. These are great and simple ideas you have shared but it is not that easy take action. Making connections is one huge method which can increase traffic to one’s blog. Thanks for sharing Joan.

  2. Hey Joan,

    It’s always the simplest things we tend to overlook! But it’s always the simplest tips like these that are the most powerful.. I can’t say just one isn’t more powerful than the other, but they are cohesive and complement each other. If you miss any one of these tips, then what I find is that many can’t make it over that “hump”… The one I see that’s overlooked the most is #3 Creating Genuine Connection! To a lot of people that’s a big, tedious job, but i find that it’s not, especially through blogging and twitter. If this it taken more seriously then bloggers will see a major difference in their marketing!

    Thanks for the share Joan! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 Definately agree with you on the most overlooked tip which is creating a genuine connection…..not too many will go the long haul to make the right kind of genuine connections 🙂 Thank you for your awesome comment! Have a great weekend as well!

  3. Hi Joan.
    Thanks for these terrific tips. You have laid out the steps clearly.
    Getting more visitors to one’s blog is a never-ending task. The personal touch is what helps the most.
    Thanks for the pointers.

  4. the most important thing is to engage your readers with great content. Without this people will not stay on your website. With wordpress tools you can see stats on how long visitors remain on your website and this is a good gage.

  5. Beautiful! One of the things I have gotten in the habit of doing in my blog posts is to link out to other websites, but I have never thought to let many of these people know about it. I will add this skill to my “traffic building” habit arsenal! Same for getting in the habit of replying to my comments… shame on me for not doing it consistently!

    1. Thank you Victoria 🙂 It is very important yes to let them know that you are sharing their content, even if you make it “your own” you should still link back and share their original post 🙂 Replying back to comments is very important if you want to keep building that relationship with your readers 🙂

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