WARNING…This 4 Letter Proven Formula Will Boost Your Sales

Be Warned This 4 Letter Proven Formula Will GRAB Your Reader and Boost Your Sales



This is the proven formula that will grab your reader by the collar and get him to read every single word of your copy and, If done right, says Hassan , will make him feel like he is slipping down an uncontrollable slippery slide until he clicks your order now” button (or whatever desired action you want) all, without him knowing .


The 4 letter PROVEN formula that you must implement is this:












1st, you must capture the prospects ATTENTION and get him to read your copy.


Then, once you have your readers ATTENTION you need to maintain their INTEREST.  One of the most effective ways of doing this is is by using some kind of story to express a problem/pain and then subtly lead on to the product.


Finally, DESIRE, this is where it gets good. This is were you get your prospect boiling with emotion till his shaking hand uncontrollably reaches into his pocket and slams wads of cash down on the counter, asking for your product.

Desire can be broken down into 3 things:

1- Harnessing

  • When it comes to desire, you are not creating it.
  • You are merely harnessing it.
  • This is where knowing the nitty-gritty needs and secret desires of your market is an absolute must.


  • How well do you know the person you’re trying to sell too?
  • Are you familiar with their daily vocabulary usage ?
  • What’s the average age of your prospect?
  • How can you use this age to your advantage?
  • Do you know what they REALLY want ?

3- Emotion

  • The way to harness their desires is to emotionally engage your prospect by painting vivid, heart-melting pictures via action verbs and words that are packed with a powerful punch to surf the wave of their inflamed passion-fueled desire.


So, you’ve got the prospect inflamed with desire.  He’s craving whatever it is that your offering, what next ? You definitely do not want to make the devastating mistake of getting him all excited and dressed up and then leaving him with no place to go.


Now what do you do?


Just surf the inflamed wave of desire that you helped create, and ask for the sale!  Get him to take Action ! 


“You must catch him in full ‘lust-mode’, and lead him to the Promised Land without hesitation.”– says John Carlton ( A Kick-ass Legendary Copywriter)


This is what it all comes down to……This is where your prospect rushes to get her credit card out and pay for your product, this is where your audience member reads your blog, gets off their butt, and takes your advice. This is where you get the prospect to take ACTION.


Now, you tell him to… “Click the buy-it-now button, fill in his credit card details and press the OK button”.


Of course, to get to this point you must have created a valuable offer and erased all risks and objections in the mind of your prospect.


To help you increase the value of your product, and make it a valuable offer, you need to make sure you implement these 2 mindbogglingly-effective psychological tactics, that grab your prospect by the throat and hook him in…..without him even having the slightest clue of what’s going on:


1- Re-framing

  • Let’s say you tell your prospect ” You can get ,my new e-book,which allows you too double your website’s profits in 1 month or your money back, for just  $30.”V.S.” You can double your websites profits in 1 month or your money back, all for just $1 a day, spread over 30 days ! “
  • Instead of just mentioning a price and letting him decide… you’ve done the justifying and the rationalizing for him… You didn’t just let him go out on his own and decide, increasing the chances of a lost sale.
  • You gave him a field of reference and subtly forced him to think about your product a little longer….Increasing your chances of a sale.

2 Presuppositions

  • Let’s begin with these two openings…
  • ” You too can easily make an extra $2,000 next month” V.S. “What will you do with the extra $2,000 you’ll earn next month?”
  • Which one’s better ? Why ?
  • If you picked the second one… you would be right…..But why is that much more compelling?…the first example is merely a reject-able statement. The second actually manipulates the way the brain functions. ( It really does.)
  • Here’s how…
  • You see, the brain can only focus on one thing at a time. And, because you’re initially asked…“what will you do?” the brain is focused on that statement. So when the sneaky writer adds with “the extra $2,000 you’ll earn next month”…. You feel obliged to answer the question… and to answer the question… you must accept the second statement as truth for a slight second… and then.
  • He’s got you thinking about what he wants you to think about and then…BOOOM Goes the dynamite.



Now, you’re already thinking of what you’re gonna do with the extra $2,000.  You imagine fun, desire-fueled activities that make you bubble with excitement….without the marketer having to guess what those activities are….


….and that’s how it’s done.



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