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My name is Joan Harrington, and I want to personally welcome you to my blog.



Who is Joan?  I am a 54 year old mid-life blogger and mom of 2 adult children, Samantha (26) & Cameron (22) who just recently realized that blogging is my passion and that I love sharing valuable tips and strategies through my blog, that are easily implemented. I have lived in Massachusetts since 1981 (the year I graduated high school) and have made a pretty decent life here on the east coast but I always knew something was missing………I knew that I did not want to go to college…….I now know that I do not want to work for someone else (have had several “jobs” over the years, but was not happy reporting to someone else)   I want to continue learning and growing for the rest of my life and be the best person I can be.  

My dream is to buy a winnebago, be financially free and be my own boss making a living doing what I love…..BLOGGING.  

My motto is NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!


If while you are here please take a moment and navigate through my pages and get to know a little more about me and you have any questions, concerns, or just need some coaching on anything, please feel free to let me know how I can help you by filling out a contact form under CONTACT JOAN” tab.  
Enjoy your visit and please come back again soon 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thank you Joan. Just landing on your home page just gave some ideas. It is awesome what blog does to audience all over the web. Blogging is an important part of every on line business. I preach it daily to my clients.
    Have an awesome week.

    1. Hi Joy,
      Very nice to meet you too via PAC 🙂 Thanks for coming by and saying hi and visiting 🙂 Glad you enjoyed and found tons of value here…..look forward on seeing you again soon!

      1. good for building the rank of the domain as you pretty much choose what you wnat to rank for if you have posts showing the keywords will be changing per post on the page

  2. Hi Joan,

    You have created an awesome looking site here with so much great information. Christine is right, just landing here gives us many new ideas to implement.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. MNU seems interesting. I would take a look at it soon. I am doing an emagazine on why everyone should blog and the benefits of blogging. It might give some info for me draw on. Have a great day

    1. Wow that is so exciting that you are doing an emagazine on why everyone should be blogging and the benefits!! Feel free to use any of my blog posts information if you like too Christine 🙂 One of my favorite things about MNU is their blogging platform, (which helps us bloggers get a site that is uniquely us with all of the awesome resources we have inside of MNU) I also have a blogging course as well, if you would like some more benefits to blogging 🙂 Just click on the image under my navigation bar to access it. Thanks for your feedback and comments, very much appreciated 🙂

  4. On the PAC article. Couldn’t see where to comment there.
    Great job, as always Joan.
    I liked the part about the 2 leaders. Very good.
    I especially liked that you listed the different types of memberships.
    Basic/FREE Community Membership
    PAC Member $3.95/month
    Very well done!

  5. Hi Joan,
    What a pleasant thing to be here at your wonderful page,
    I am here via PAC and am so glad to note that i too joined in as a member
    and is doing an exercise of visiting my fellow members pages, one by one.
    I so happy that i met you at PAC
    Good to be in the company of like minded people who are involved in bloggiing!
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  6. Hi, Joan

    Glad to meet you here. I landed up here via the PAC website and is really interesting to see that your blog is so valuable for people like us who are interested in blogging related niche. Hoping to read more and more valuable information from this blog.

    Have a great day
    Reji Stephenson


    1. Hello Reji and Welcome to my blog 🙂 So nice to see you!! Happy to know that you see tons of value here that will help new bloggers like yourself 🙂 You might want to check out my ebook if you really want to take your blogging up a notch! Tons and tons of valuable info for bloggers you may find very helpful…….you can purchase it on Amazon===>>>http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013M6J35G

  7. Hi Joan!
    I just landed here via your ebook, really awesome.
    Now I will go through all this great information and will absolutely follow you.
    Many greetings

    1. Hey Dani! Thanks 🙂 So glad to see you here welcome! Hope you enjoy your visit 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions about anything 🙂 Have a great day!

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