What Are The 5 Key Attributes of Engaging Email?

The 5 Key Attributes of Engaging Email











Do You Know What These 5 Key Attributes of Engaging Email Are?









To engage and succeed with email marketing says Marketo.com , your marketing emails  must, above all else, be:







1.  Trustworthy

  • Trusted emails have lower bounce and unsubscribe rates, and higher deliverability.
  • If you don’t have trust, you will have lower opens, clicks, conversions, and so on — and your messages are more likely to be marked as spam.
  • Only with trust will consumers let your email past their filters and into their lives.
  • One way to build trust with your email marketing is to be consistent.




2.  Always Relevant

  • Relevance means knowing who your audience is and what they want from your emails
  • Being relevant means sending the right content to the right person at the right time
  • Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with targeted advertising and personalized content.
  • They expect marketers to know almost everything about them, and to use that information to create customized experiences.
  • Knowing who your customers are is great, but knowing how they behave is even better.

Your email should do one of four things for a prospect or customer:

1. Solve his problem
2. Save him money
3. Make him smarter
4. Entertain him



Educate, Don’t Sell




3.  Conversational, Not Campaign-Based

  • No one wants to get  “blasted.”
  • Think about the word blast for a moment.
  • What does it bring to mind?
  • An explosion?
  • A batch and blast email strategy is, indeed, like an explosion — a violent shattering or blowing apart of something that often results in more damage than benefit.
  • Just getting your messages to recipients is not enough; you have to give subscribers reasons to engage with those messages.
  • This means abandoning the idea of batch and blast and entering into a relationship oriented mindset that continuously builds engagement with consumers, one by one and over time.
  • Good email marketing conversations evolve over time.
  • They tell stories that have a beginning, a middle, an end, with each component flowing naturally from the last and weaving a plot.
  • Each step in the conversation should flow from prior communications and move the relationship forward.




4.  Coordinated Across Channels

  • Today’s consumer moves seamlessly – and sometimes quite quickly – across digital and offline channels.
  • She jumps from an email, to social media, to your website, to your 1-800 number, and then back to social media, all without losing momentum…..And she does so from whatever device is most handy in the moment.
  • Marketing is no longer just about being multi-channel.
  • Today, it’s about being omni-channel — delivering an integrated customer experience across every single platform.
  • If you’re not listening to him across different channels, you’re not delivering an integrated experience.
  • To create relevant interactions with a consumer over any channel, you need to understand that consumer’s behaviors across all channels – you need a single, cross-channel view of the customer.
  • Email is the digital glue that holds all these new channels and communication forums together.

When it comes to carrying the customer relationship across channels, email messages have two advantages:

1. They’re proactive, reaching out to consumers at the right time and
with relevant messages.

2. They’re everywhere. Thanks to the rise of mobile, email is accessible
on any device at any time, and from virtually any location.




5.  Strategic

  • Engaging email is strategic email.
  • To achieve strategic value, email marketers need better metrics.

Here are the seven most common email metrics:

1. Sent
2. Delivered
3. Bounced
4. Opens / Open Rate
5. Clicks / Click Rate /
Click to Open Rate
6. Unsubscribe Rate
7. Marked as Spam





Engagement is more than an idea or a buzzword; it’s a tangible way of interacting with consumers one-to-one across channels by listening, acting, and analyzing.

  • With the right tools, engagement metrics can be managed and increased.
  • A riveting subject line or persuasive email copy is only as good as the revenue it generates: you don’t just want Opens; you want actual sales.






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