What Are The Four Proven Services That Are In Demand and Are Easily Learned As You Blog?

Do You Know What The Four Proven Services Are That Are Easily Learned as You Blog?


In today’s post, I want to introduce you to four services that I found from Neil Patel ,that are in demand and can be easily learned as you blog and you won’t need more than a month to be market-ready and start pitching clients for these services




If you are a blogger and are willing to start your OWN journey to building a six or even seven figure service business , then the  following four proven services will help get you there:



1. SEO Consultation

  • Strategy #1 – Guest Posting is an extremely effective technique to attract clients.
  • Strategy #2 – You can also pull customers by writing data oriented and actionable blog posts
  • Strategy #3 – Probably the best strategy to attract clients for offering SEO consultation is by showing the results you’ve personally achieved for keywords.
  • Nothing removes objections from a customer’s head more than a live case study.
  • As an SEO expert, you will need to be result-driven.
  • If you are ready to get yourself started as an SEO consultant, here are 4 payment models you can use.
  • You can charge anything from $50/hour to $300+/hour.


2. Content Marketing

  • It costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times the number of leads compared to traditional marketing.
  • You need to learn the fundamentals of marketing before you write a single word.
  • You can get started with Neil’s Advanced Content Marketing Guide.
  • Once you’ve honed your writing skills to suit the content marketing climate, you can start offering your services at freelance marketplaces like Elance.



3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Consultant

  • Social media presence is critical for most kinds of businesses now. And most of them don’t have an in-house team for managing their social media properties.
  • Did you know that the average industry rate for a comprehensive social media marketing management program costs $4,000 – $7,000?
  • As per Curata, 56% of leading business bloggers will hire additional resources in the next year.
  • So how can you help?
  • By offering these businesses to manage their social media presence.
  • For getting your first client, you’ll need to show successful results.
  • Start with your own blog and develop its social following.
  • Once you’ve built substantial social proof, businesses will be ready to pay you as much as $250/hour.
  • Not sure how to launch your social media marketing strategy?
  • Then start with reading Neil’s social media marketing guide.
  • For setting your social media marketing project prices, read Alexis Grant’s article on setting and owning your social media consultancy price.


4. Advertisements and Affiliate Marketing

  • Do you know the traditional business model of most media companies?
  • It’s selling print and digital advertisements in their publications.
  • What is the service that these media outlets provide?
  • The service is information and the readers are the receivers of this service.
  • As a blogger, you can add value to a niche community by offering high-quality content as a service.
  • If you consistently serve in-demand content, you can build a considerable audience.
  • Soon enough you’ll gain trust and authority in your niche. And your visitors start to buy the products you refer on your blog.
  • Then, you can earn a great commission by endorsing valuable products that you personally like in your niche.
  • It’s affiliate marketing 101.
  • Many 7-figure bloggers rely on this model because its low-friction and once you build a good level of traffic, the business can become completely passive.




You don’t need a Harvard MBA to earn six-figures as a consultant. You can start a blog, develop your expertise and start offering services to businesses.



A service-based business has the highest margins. Once you see clients rolling in, you can even hire a team. 




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Joan Harrington



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27 Replies to “What Are The Four Proven Services That Are In Demand and Are Easily Learned As You Blog?”

  1. Hi Joan,

    I can see there are numerous opportunities to create a nice livelihood online these days. It inspires me.

    I feel that we’re still at the beginning stages of a shift in the way people perceive work, especially since so many of the large corporate stores are closing.

    Thanks for pointing out some of the possibilities. I know others will benefit from this 🙂

  2. Joan, that is a great post. There are numerous ways to earn money online, not just by introducing members to your MLM. I also do one on one coaching and it can be very lucrative. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Joan,

    What an excellent article. I remember, only a few short years ago, when I believe it was Alex Mandossian, who said (to paraphrase): “There is a new career path – become a social media marketing manager” Now it a a truly viable career with tremendous growth potential.

    There still is so much to understand, and the landscape keeps changing, about blogging, SEO, Google Ranking, Authority Domain status, etc.

    Thanks for sharing so much valuable information. I will be returning to review several of your links within this post.

    Dr. Erica

    1. Thanks Erica!

      Yes there are a few paths that are available to us and like you said tons of growth potential especially as a social media marketing manager 🙂 Businesses are always looking for someone to help them with social media 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the resources!

  4. Hi Joan,

    These are good, sound methods for monetizing your blog.

    It’s not that these things are difficult to do, but they must be done consistently for a long enough time to reach a tipping point, where people start visiting your blog in big enough and steady enough volume for you to build a business.

    One you have a steady audience, then any of these proven services can work great.

    People are not limited, of course, to these four services. Even though they are “proven” ones, you can tailor your services to your particular skills and expertise within your niche.


    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks so much!
      Absolutely, they all must be done consistently and yes long enough for people to notice and come to you for help.
      I agree with you that we are not limited to these 4 services and most definately we can tailor our services to meet the needs of our market 🙂

  5. Hello Joan, Awesome post my friend, that title of yours says it all! What Are The Four Proven Services That Are In Demand and Are Easily Learned As You Blog? And you explained it all beautifully..

    Great Job.
    Thank for sharing
    Chery :))

  6. I discovered Social Media a few years ago but never really got the hang of it. I have now! Really useful links in your post too, thanks for sharing this valuable information!

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. So glad to hear that you have the hand of Social Media now Mandy! Awesome!! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 Enjoy your journey as well!

  7. Sounds like great ways to monetizing my blog. Still working on this and have so much to learn. But there is no rush. I love all the people I have met and have become friends with as well as all the memories by kiddos will have from our blog. I love having guest posts/interviews. Always a great way to connect with others.

  8. Hi Joan,

    Smart post about adding income streams to blogs. Especially appreciated the training links. And, I liked how you used headlines, followed with bullet points to present the information. Good job!

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