What Do Your Readers Want?

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How To Satisfy Your Readers





As a writer, it’s important to deliver original, informative content in a succinct, stylized format that will compel your  readers forward.







Here are some writing tips and basic article templates to start using now, from Ezine Articles, so your readers can easily digest your quality articles.






Write a Direct Introduction

  • Be direct and engaging in your article’s introduction as well as be mindful of insatiable skimmers (e.g., Internet readers who consume articles at incredible speeds in their quest to find relevant content that benefits them).
  • In your first sentence, provide a compelling analogy relevant to your article’s topic.
  • In the last sentence of your introduction, provide your main idea and how it benefits your readers.




5 Basic Article Templates Readers Love


1.  Ordered List Template

  • Use a numbered or ordered list when you’re providing a step-by-step process or when listing in order of importance.
  • Ordered list styles include “top 10″ lists, “how to” procedures, “best of” lists, etc.


2.  Bulleted List Template

  • Use a bulleted or unordered list when order is not essential.
  • Unordered lists provide a quick and easy format that allows your readers to get a bird’s eye view of the article and gather the information they need.
  • Keep bullets short and to the point.
  • Unordered list styles include “introduction to” articles, options, checklists, etc.


3.  FAQ Template

  • Use a simple Q&A or FAQ format by bolding the questions and then providing a succinct explanation or discussion point below the question.
  • Keep questions short (i.e., don’t span over multiple lines), non-promotional, and ensure the questions are relevant to your audience.


4.  Bricklayer Template

  • Use bolded headers, like mortar, between the sections (i.e., the bricks) of your article.
  • Keep section headers short, but compelling like you would the article’s title.
  • Write succinct, relevant, and descriptive information driving the main focus of the section as well as tie it into the main point of the article.


5.  Combination Template

  • Use a combination of any of the above to suit your own article writing style.
  • For example, try a combination of the Bricklayer Template and the bulleted list (this post is an example of how those formats can be combined easily).
  • Keep an eye on your article length by targeting your word count between 400-700 words.




Write a Motivating Conclusion

  • Your conclusion should succinctly recap your main points, but more importantly provide a thought-provoking piece of information that gets your readers thinking.
  • Successful articles are less about the regurgitation of information and more about getting your readers to take the information they have gained and apply it for their own benefit.
  • In doing so, your readers will want to know more information about you as well as your website or blog.




The key to all of these styles is to be as direct as you possibly can in your articles – don’t make your readers guess or wade through subtext to achieve their desired information.



Prepare your articles using these basic article templates and tips to ensure your readers are satisfied with easy-to-read, informative content.






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