What Is Flagship Content?

What You Should Know About Flagship Content









Why Use Flagship Content On Your Blog?





What is your blog known for?




Is there anything that you could point to that your blog really owns?





contentkillerflagshipToday, I am going to share with you the benefits of flagship content by Chris Garrett






What Is Flagship Content?

  • Just an effective way of creating a powerful blog property using a core of content that you build around……
  • The post, series or “message” is added to and referred to repeatedly over time, increasing the original value and relevance and also keeping it fresh.
  • The main benefit is branding and educational value.

  • People like resources they can “refer to”…..EASY is always a good thing.
  • Think of Flagship Content as the “go-to” resource for your niche….The lazy bloggers go-to reference for general research,
  • Your Flagship Content is the place everyone will link to when they think of your topic.
  • Flagship Content is stuff you are proud to tell people about.
  • Content that is so compelling it draws visitors like a magnet.
  • A resource that people love to talk about, perfectly tuned to your audience.






When people visit your killer content and find it valuable, they will want to subscribe to your blog, sign up to your email list and come back again and again…..And tell their friends…..And buy your stuff.





Flagship Content can take your blog from being “interesting” to being a must-have bookmark or subscription.

  • Start thinking about your content as small parts of a larger system.
  • Each page the visitor lands on is a link in a chain taking them towards a destination.
  • Traffic is no good if you have little of value to see.
  • It is not enough for people to know where to visit, you need to give them a why.



Remember your Flagship Content is your why!






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