What Is That Secret Ingredient To Blogging?

Do You Know What The Secret Ingredient To Blogging Is?






That Secret Ingredient To Blogging Is…….YOUR VOICE!





If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ve heard that content is king.




You’ve been told that everything else–design, SEO, in and outbound links–those things are a bonus, but the real thing you need to focus on is your content.



But although content is important, there’s something more–something that only you can bring to the table, something that only you have to offer that will really make your blog shine.







A secret ingredient that will make your blog unforgettable.












The fact is, if you’re looking to build your blog on completely unique content, you’re going to run out of ideas very quickly.




Chances are anything you want to talk about has already been covered by at least a dozen other bloggers, and it’s not because you’re unoriginal or a terribly unimaginative person–it’s just because there are only so many things to talk about.




The question you need to ask yourself is:




What keeps readers coming back to your blog, when they could go elsewhere for the same information?




Can you guess what the answer is?




I’m talking about that secret ingredient again.








Your voice, your take, your worldview–those are the things that make you memorable.





Those are the things that make you stand out in an ocean of blogs.










You have something priceless, a gift that you were born with, a gift often taken for granted: no one can think or speak or write the way you do.




The way you put words on the page, how you interpret the world–those are treasures that can’t be taken away from you, treasures you should cherish.





Yes, content is king.





Without something interesting to talk about, your readers won’t come–but without inserting yourself in your content, without weaving in your thoughts, your opinions, your voice into your blog, your readers won’t remember you.





They’ll go to another blog with the same content and a better voice.





Don’t be just another blogger.





You have something incredible and special and entirely unique because you are the secret ingredient.












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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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  1. Hi Joan,

    Speak your voice. Like-minded people respond to your message. Simple. Uncomfortable in the beginning, but freeing too. Remember, YOUR voice. Not your friend’s voice. Power advice here.

    Write from your heart. Cover a niche specific topic from YOUR angle. Make a neat analogy to your life experience, one that only you can make. Inject positive energy into your words. Put your stamp on blog posts and traffic will flow in steadily over time.

    Be you. Not what you want others to think of you.

    Thanks Joan!

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