What Is The Secret Ingredient In Blogging?

The “Secret” Ingredient that Turns Casual Blog Readers Into Avid Fans









Do You Know What That Secret Ingredient Is?





What makes your blog popular?



Well-written blog posts, interesting topics, useful information?



Those are all important, but there something else.



“When we think about our blog, we tend to think about material things…..Topic selection, fonts, colors, writing style, post structure”…….says Henneke




As good marketers, we think about our audience.

  • What would they like to read?
  • Which tips would be helpful to them?
  • Which problems are they struggling with?




What’s that intangible feeling you want to create with your blog?

  • Homely and welcoming?
  • Maybe a bit rebellious?
  • A strong voice of authority?
  • Super-slick?




It’s the intangible that makes us connect and feel welcome



That intangible feeling on your blog is about the way in which you answer comments (or not).

  • How you ask questions in your blog posts.
  • Whether your blog posts feel intimate or lecturing.
  • It’s about the stories you tell.
  • The metaphors you use.
  • The words you choose.
  • How you inject your personality into your blog posts.




Yes, being useful and helpful is important.




Blogging is also about intangible matters, how you inspire your readers and how you make them feel better.





So, what is this “secret” ingredient in blogging?




To build a loyal audience you need to truly engage people.



Your readers need to come back because they like you.




Ready for the “secret”?












The secret ingredient of your blog is you.




You’re the only one who can make your blog really work.



Just by telling a little more about yourself, sharing your enthusiasm and your doubts.



Readers don’t just read your posts for your tips.


They come back to be inspired.



They come back because of how you write.










They come back because of you.





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