What Is The Secret To Successful Content?

What is the secret to getting your content read, shared and acted on?











Here’s the secret to successful content




Before we get to what the secret to successful content is here is something to think about…..



Why do some writers get real results from their articles, while other writers work just as hard, or harder, and don’t seem to get noticed?



A key reason, says Chris Garrett, is what is called the “Hot Potato” effect.

  • What exactly is the “Hot Potato” factor?
  • It’s like flinging a hot potato at your audience instead of contributing something real









What is successful content?

  • Good content works for the reader and the author.
  • It’s not just about laughs for the audience and attention for the creator.
  • Good, useful content is content that helps you meet your goals.
  • “It’s simple and it works”…….says Chris Garrett



What is that most important thing in creating successful content?

  • Simply……Have something to say.
  • You are only as good as your last post.
  • Do you want people to remember you as the loud mouth with nothing to contribute or the person who shows up with consistently good stuff?
  • That’s where great content comes from.



Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time


If you are doing meaningful stuff then you will have something meaningful to write about!

  • Write about what you are learning, just be honest about your experience and definitely write about stuff you have done and tried, not just something you heard from someone else.
  • Go out there and do stuff, even if that means failing.
  • Read
  • Listen
  • Discuss.… But make sure you are not just consuming but experimenting and implementing.





What really counts is giving something to your audience that you hope will help in some way.


What have you done and what have you learned from it.



Something that is worth reading, sharing, linking to, and learning from … and don’t wait for it to be perfect!






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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