What Is The Secret To Writing Great Copy?

Do You Know What The Secret Is To Writing Great Copy?








The #1 Secret To Writing Great Copy Is………







Using words that work with the people you’re trying to persuade.





Don’t reinvent the wheel.






“Study and draw inspiration from great copy that works meaning drawing inspiration from advertising copy that has demonstrated its effectiveness by actually working as intended. Like a direct mail piece that has raked in millions and millions of dollars in sales”……..says Brian Clark of CopyBlogger






Why Professional Copywriters Use Swipe Files

  • A copy writing “swipe file” is a collection of winning ads.
  • Sales letters, space ads, headline collections, plus bits and pieces of copy that have been marketplace proven to make big money.
  • The problem with the swipe file approach is context.
  • Many new and inexperienced writers (and often many pros) will miss the mark when trying to adapt past copy to a new situation hence the winning formula becomes a bust when “inappropriately” applied.




The Art of Listening

  • Most marketers make the mistake of thinking social media is a tool for “talking”. 
  • The social web is also the most powerful market research tool  you’ll ever use.
  • Sites like Twitter and FaceBook can tell you the exact words your prospects are using to describe their wishes, hopes, fears, worries and dissatisfactions. 
  • Email marketing and blogs allow your prospects to engage you in a conversation , to tell you what they want  and how they want it and just as important, to demonstrate what they respond too






The swipe file still has a place, and smart copywriters still maintain them.





“But the most effective copywriters also remember that classic piece of wisdom from Grandma” – says Brian Clark




You have two ears and one mouth…… Listen  twice as much as you talk.






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