What Makes You Valuable?

Are You As Valuable As You Think You Are?












What Makes You Valuable?





You need to have the best value propositions, and know how to use them to dominate your market.




It’s a fact that people won’t ever buy from you if they don’t even understand why they should pay attention to you.




They will only notice you if you have a strong value proposition.










The definition of value proposition is “a believable collection of the most persuasive reasons people should notice you and take the action you’re asking for.”




Something has to make you the best option for your target customers.




Otherwise, they have no good reason to buy what you’re selling.




Being the best isn’t enough.




People need to believe you’re the best option for them.




If your website doesn’t clearly tell visitors what makes you worth their attention (and money), they don’t spend the time to figure it out on their own.







It’s your job to hit people in the head with what makes you different and worth attention.







It’s not enough to have a headline that’s clear about what makes you different—people won’t really understand your value proposition that easily.




You need to restate it everywhere.




When you know what people need to believe about you and your products, don’t put all the pressure on just one headline; do everything you can to make it clear to people.




When people understand why they should buy your product instead of any other, they’ll do it.




But first you need to figure out what makes you different from your competitors and the best choice for your target customers.








How To Figure Out Your Value Proposition

  • When you start creating (or refining) your value proposition, the first step is to find the core of it.

  • The core of your value proposition is made up of the ideas that make you clearly the best choice for people.

  • It’s the part that makes the biggest difference.

  • Those few sentences can give you an unfair advantage.

  • Using them well can make you the market leader






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