What You Don’t Know About Building A Profitable Blog

So, you want to build a profitable blog?


You’re tired of low traffic. You’re sick of seeing no comments. You want avalanches of traffic, posts that pierce your readers immune systems and a close connection with influencers in your niche or industry.


Here are  18 proven strategies towards creating killer content, skyrocketing traffic, and building a profitable blog shared from 


1bloggingprofit2. Use polls to collect ideas

  • Polls allow you to target your readers content needs quickly and accurately.
  • They also give you an insight into what your readers wants to know about the most, which can be a huge advantage when creating opt-in offers and products.

2. Head over to the popular blogs in your niche. 

  • You’ll see what topics are trending and you’ll get fresh content ideas.
  • The important thing to remember when doing so, is to not blatantly copy popular posts, but to attack them from a different and interesting perspective.

3. Ask your readers 

  • Send out a mass email or publish a post on your blog asking readers what problems or pains they’re having.
  • Then create content around that.

4. Look at comments on your blog

  • How can comments help you?
  • Scanning through readers thoughts about your content will indicate what they like/dislike. 
  • Look out for comments where readers seem overwhelmed with joy or passion and make a note of the type of post and topic you wrote about.
  • You’ll eventually notice a trend about the specific tastes of your audience.

5. Network with other bloggers 

  • Sites like BlogDash and BlogSynergy allow you to find other bloggers in the same niche as you and connect with them. 
  • You could end up finding a mentor, another site to guest post on or even a business partner.
  • You never know until you try.

6. Write list posts

  • List posts… they’re easy to write, save time and energy and readers love them.
  • And even though the internet is crammed with them, they are still effective for quick bursts of quality content.

7. Make Your Posts Smooth and Scannable

  • Nobody wants to force down chunks of indigestible information.
  • They want to be spoon fed a tasty trickle of knowledge that slips past their eyes and melts into their brain.
  • Use subheadings
  • Use short sentences
  • Have plenty of whitespace
  • Eliminate fluff words
  • Use vivid verbs instead of limp adjectives

8. Read a lot and share what you’ve learned

  • Read blogs. Read books. Read reports.
  • To be a powerful blogger you have to be a voracious reader.
  • Not only will reading help fine tune your writing skills, it’ll give you a fresh perspective on things and allow you to share new information with your readers.

9. Write conversationally

  • Imagine sitting in a lecture with hall with a pimple faced, speckled professor teaching business.
  • Now imagine your best friend sitting across you at a local diner explaining the same thing.
  • Who are you most likely going to listen to and learn from? 

10. Host competitions/giveaways on your blog

  • Competitions and giveaways are a great way to generate more activity on your blog and break the monotony for your audience.
  • They increase traffic, raise more interest from your audience and can lead to new readers/customers.
  • They also help create a sense of community and activity on the blog.

11. Go on a guest blogging spree

  • We all know the power of guest blogging right? 
  • Guest blogging empowers you to simultaneously generate traffic, increase subscribers, boost your credibility and most importantly, build relationships with other bloggers and readers.

12. Leave insightful comments on other posts

  • Comments?
  • Don’t you just spend a couple of seconds on them and move on?
  • No.
  • Comments are an underused tool in the blogging world and they have multiple benefits like increased traffic from clicks and visits, getting on a popular bloggers radar, to being invited to guest post for them.
  • But not just any comment makes the cut.
  • So how do you create comments that draw attention and get you noticed by other bloggers and readers?
  • Agree with what the blogger said and validate that the info was useful
  • Build on and develop the advice given in the post
  • Use personal examples and stories
  • Talk about what was left out

13. Interview other people in your niche

  • Interviews are a great way to improve your knowledge and enlighten your audience.
  • They simultaneously expose you to your interviewee’s audience too and give your brain a break from creating content. Win Win.

14. Review an Influencers product and generate goodwill

  • Have you recently purchased a product from a respected influencer in your niche?
  • If the product has the potential to be useful to your readers in anyway, write up an honest review of the product.
  • This will help save your audience time and money and, depending on the review, can generate goodwill from the product creators themselves.

15.  Make your posts easy to share

  • There’s no point sweating it out at your computer screen and creating content if no one is going to read it.
  • To rack up the amount of views that your posts get, make them more shareable by: 
  • Prominently displaying shareable buttons
  • Making tweet-able comments in your posts
  • Prompting readers to tweet those tweet-able comments

16. Offer a bribe

  • Struggling to land subscribers?
  • Try offering something of value to your audience in exchange for their email addresses to shoot up your subscriber count.
  • You could create an ebook, a report, or a checklist.
  • Just be sure it’s something your audience will value.

17.  Use Webinars

  • Webinars are an excellent way to share knowledge with your audience.
  • When marketed correctly they can lead to a ton of extra traffic and clients/customers.
  • They also make you more relatable and human to your audience and inspire interaction.
  • Be sure to email your list and invite people from other’s lists to join.
  • Promote on other blogs and email lists to.

18.  Create a podcast

  • Creating a podcast is a pretty powerful marketing tool because it allows you to reach a certain type of audience that you wouldn’t have reached before. 
  • This is because people don’t always want to read, and some prefer consuming content by listening instead of reading.
  • Your readers can consume content while they drive to work, have a workout or go for a walk.
  • This increases your connection and relationship with your audience because they are no longer reading a bunch of words… but listening to a human voice.
  • Its easier for them to visualise you as a person and relate to.



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  1. You’ve made so many valuable suggestions here, Joan, thank you. You need to show yourself as an expert in at least one area of the niche you blog in so I agree that spending time reading and learning is so important. That’s an ongoing process to keep up with what’s new.

  2. Wow, that is overwhelming, so many ideas to create and improve the profitability of the blog, love it! Hope to be implementing the guest blogging strategy soon.


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