What You Need To Know About Content Marketing

What You Need To Know About Content Marketing





The 3 Must-Haves For Content Marketing




The Breakthrough In Content Marketing That You Need To Know




Your site isn’t getting the traffic you need.



You aren’t converting that traffic to sales.



The tactics you used to rely on aren’t working.







Has this ever happened to you?




There is a solution!




You need to know what is working today to find customers and persuade them to buy.




The answer is content marketing.




Today, I wanted to share some amazing tips in content marketing from Sonia Simone, Senior Editor of Copyblogger and the founder of Remarkable Communication.



You need to focus your attention on the following key elements to make content marketing work for you……





Give your readers a cookie

  • What’s the smartest way to train a puppy to sit on command?
  • Give him a cookie and a nice pat on the head every time he does what you want.
  • Enough cookies and enough pats on the head and he starts to think that sitting on command was his idea.
  • He likes you, he trusts you, and he sits when you say sit because it’s in his best interest to do that.

Your content needs to work the same way.

  • High-quality content trains your readers and listeners to keep opening your stuff.
  • It rewards them for doing what you want them to do.

Preferably both.

  • Everything they receive from you should make them FEEL good.
  • Each piece of content is a cookie that rewards your audience for consuming it.


When you do this consistently, your content becomes an appealing habit for your readers.





Position yourself for success

  • If you want to find more customers, you need to be someone worth doing business with. 
  • Your audience wants a smart, cool friend who understands how stuff works. 
  • They want someone to share experiences and LEAD by example.



They want a trustworthy person whose word means something.





Sell smart

  • Remember, you’re not trying to land a sale in a single shot.
  • Instead, you’re building a content net that supports this sale and many sales after this one.
  • Use your content to address underlying objections that might keep someone from buying.
  • Use it to tell interesting stories about how others have benefited from your offering.
  • Use proven persuasion techniques to show your reader just how much she needs your product or service.


Successful salespeople will tell you that your customer needs to know, like, and trust you before she’ll buy.

That’s exactly why content marketing is so effective.

Great content buys you the time to build that trusting relationship.




So use that time wisely.



Use your content to build desire for your product, and to create an unshakeable relationship with your audience, then ask for the sale.








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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