What You Need To Know That Will Help Your Conversions

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Here are 8 tips to help your business convert more leads into sales, from  (Founder and CEO, Market Domination Media), that you can start to implement today….




1. Offer an incentive

  • Name one person that doesn’t like free stuff.
  • Offering a free gift or providing a special time sensitive discount is a great way to push leads to convert.
  • The discount doesn’t have to be something outrageous and the free gift doesn’t have to have a high monetary value.

2. Ask for the sale

  • Ask your leads if they are ready to purchase and watch how many reply “yes.”ASK-blog-graphic
  • They became a lead because they were interested in what your business offers.
  • Food for thought: if your business doesn’t ask for the sale your competitor will.

3. Dangle the potential ROI carrot

  • If your product or service has the potential to increase your lead’s return on investment, then make sure you remind them.
  • This is asking them, “So, when are you ready to increase your revenue?”
  • Reminding them that you are offering a solution that will help them make more money will often push them to convert.

4. Develop a great FAQ page on your website

  • Many leads won’t convert because they have questions that they need answered before they pull the trigger.
  • Answer common questions that your leads might have and make it prominent on your website.
  • Talk to your sales team and customer service reps to put together a list of common frequently asked questions.

5. Set a time limit

  • Establish a “no communication” deadline to remove unresponsive leads from your marketing funnel.
  • Example: “We have not heard from you in 30 days.
  • Even though this will be our final communication, please feel free to reach out to us in the future if you have any questions.”
  • This will often cause a reaction — and if it doesn’t then it prevents your sales team from wasting valuable time and energy on a dead lead.


6. Simple follow-up

  • A quick follow-up email or phone call asking your leads if they have any additional questions will often get them back into purchase mode.
  • This is an effective way of quickly converting leads into sales before a lot of time passes.
  • The simple follow-up will close a large percentage of leads for virtually every industry.

7. Make sure your email marketing stands out

  • There is a good chance that your leads are being marketed to by competitors as well, so you need to make sure that your emails stand out from the overly promotional emails that are likely to be flooding their inboxes.
  • Make sure that your emails don’t read like overly aggressive and pushy sales letters.
  • Clever emails really grab the attention of your leads and make your business stand out.

8. Ask your leads questions

  • If you ask your leads a question they will often reply.
  • Something such as, “It has been over a week since we have heard from you. Have you had a chance to go over the materials and make a decision?” is a great way to apply the pressure while also opening up the dialogue to discover additional questions or concerns the lead might have.


There you have it…..8 tips that will help you with converting your leads into sales that you can implement easily in your business today.


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15 thoughts on “What You Need To Know That Will Help Your Conversions

  1. Hey Joan,

    These tips actually work because they work on me. Especially establishing a time limit. This actually get peopke to take instant action because they have a fear of lost.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

  2. Taking control of the conversation and asking for the sale is my biggest take away.
    And I also believe that it is not enough to generate leads and build your list, we must master how to convert those leads into buying customers.
    Great post Joan. You deliver amazing value in your blog.

  3. Powerful tips here Joan! #4 Developing an FAQ page is something that I had never thought about doing. So, I’m going to work on that. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Fantastic tips on conversions! Getting leads is not enough, you have to really focus on converting them into sales. It’s also important to stand out from the crowd in order to attract your perfect customer! Thank you for an amazing post as always Joan!

  5. What simple but powerful tips you’ve shared Joan. I love seeing emails which are conversational and not pitchy they defo stand out in my inbox and are more likely to be read.Great idea to have an FAQ page too. Thanks for sharing x

  6. Great post Joan,
    Every marketer wants a very big boost in his conversions because this will either bring more money or more subscribers, it all depends on what your end goal is.

    However, there are so many ways to ensure this and one of those is to give your readers less option. If you serve them with so many options, they might end up not taking any action. All the other things you mentioned here are also good to implement when it comes to boosting your conversions.

    Its all about testing and seeing whats working and whats not.

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