What You Need To Know To Sell Faster

Would you like to be able to sell faster?



“Selling and marketing online is exactly like selling and marketing in real life – with one major exception…The medium is different.  And being that the medium is different, so are the tools you use for the selling process that will help you to sell faster”……..says Jason Drohn




At the end of the day, being able to sell faster really only boils down to the following 5 things:


You Must Solve A Problem

  • You need to sell stuff that solves problems.
  • The bigger the problem, the more you can sell.
  • You might have the best solution on the planet, but you still need to make sure that your out in front of your audience…
  • The folks who are both willing and able to buy from you


You Must Know Your Audience

  • You have to know exactly who your ideal customer is (and who they aren’t!).
  • You should know:
  • Their gender
  • How old they are
  • What they do for a living
  • What they’re interested in
  • Where they live
  • What languages they speak
  • What devices they use
  • In short, you should know so much about this person, that you should give them a name…  And, every time you sit down at your desk to write anything even remotely sales related, you should be trying to figure out how to best communicate with “Bob” (or Mack or Angela or Buddy).


Create A Structured Sales Process

  • The absolute biggest advantage we have now is in how easy it is to create a structured sales process.
  • Between having dedicated sales mechanisms like webinars, sales videos and email autoresponders; it’s relatively easy to create a standalone sales process in your business that welcomes every new lead in while funneling revenue out.


The Call To Action Must Is Clear

  • Every piece of content, every blog post, every Facebook post, and every email that goes out to you audience should have a clear call to action in it.
  • You should always ask your audience to do something like:
  • Clicking a link to watch a Youtube video.
  • Signing up for your next webinar.
  • Liking a new blog post.
  • Subscribing to your Youtube channel.
  • Opting in for a new report.
  • And, of course, clicking a link to go check out a sales video



Systematize Your Process

  • Having a system, or a machine, that turns leads into sales is the absolute most powerful thing in business.
  • To this day, one of the most profitable ‘systems’ to employ is a webinar: (LIKE THIS)
  • Your new leads sign up for your webinar
  • On the webinar, you bond with them, teach them and ultimately pitch them (resulting in some sales)
  • After your webinar, you mail them a replay (LIKE THIS) of the presentation (getting more sales)
  • After 4 or 5 days, you shut down the webinar replay (which results in another sales spike)
  • … And then you have a bunch of leads to mail your next offer!



All that’s left for you to do is set it up in your autoresponder!  CLICK HERE to do that now 🙂 



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Joan Harrington



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10 thoughts on “What You Need To Know To Sell Faster

  1. Hey Joan!
    Thanks for the great tips! I want to add something to your list. When people do keyword research, they should look for those long tail keywords which represent a point in time when people are ready to buy!
    If someone is looking for “health shake”, they are likely doing their research.
    If someone is looking for “chocolate health shake to lose weight in a week’, they are ready to buy!
    So choose your keywords carefully to focus in on the buyer segment of your audience too.
    Thanks again

    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Hi Lisa!
      You are most welcome! Glad you enjoyed and found value in my post 😉 Thanks for your valuable tip….definately appreciat it!

  2. Hi Joan,

    This is such as awesome blog post. I learn much easier from step by step directions. I should know all this by now but there is just so much to learn, try, test and experiment with that sometimes the steps all become mush in the brain.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise.

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