What’s The Best Way to Craft a Marketing Message That Has More Value to Your Audience?

Do You Know The Best Way To Craft a Marketing Message That Has Tons of Value For Your Audience?




marketingplanblueprintTo craft a marketing message that will have tons of value for your audience, you will need to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal buyer….

“You will need to live and breathe as they would. You will need to feel their pains and experience their joys the same way that you do your own. Only then will you truly understand what motivates them to buy what you’re selling”…………says Derrick Weiss Be The Buyer: How to Sell More By Understanding Value”



So, how do you craft your marketing message? 


Start with Why

  • Why would anyone purchase what you’re selling?
  • It’s doing one of two things: it’s creating value or it’s relieving pain.
  • An example of creating value is always positive: your client uses your product or service to be more efficient, sell more, or increase a key performance metric.
  • There’s a reason you hear the phrase value-added so often, it’s because value is all about increases.
  • An example of relieving pain is the opposite — a removal.
  • Your product or service eliminates the pain felt from a normal job function, such as having to send emails one by one, or manage contacts in a spreadsheet.
  • Gain creators and pain relievers are undoubtedly linked – you can’t have one without the other. The most valuable purchases are ones that do both.


Who is Your Ideal Client?

  • Perceived Barriers: What would stop a prospect from moving forward with you?
  • Listen for what issues they have, false perceptions they may have about you and any historical situations that may cause red flags when looking into your solution.
  • Success Factors: After choosing a solution, what does success look like for your prospect?
  • Pick up on benefits they’re hoping to obtain and features they think will solve their issues.
  • Priority Initiative: What was going on in their lives/company that made looking for a solution a priority?
  • This is where you can pick up on pain points.
  • Create a buyer persona from your conversation with them.
  • Reach out to them and find out what makes them tick.
  • This is someone who experiences both gain creation and pain alleviation from your business.
  • Start with your ideal client.
  • Decision Criteria: What will their decision ultimately come down to? Price? Features?
  • Understand what could be a deal breaker and what you can leverage for competitive advantage.
  • Buyer’s Journey: As your prospects educate themselves on how to solve their problem, what are they doing along the way?
  • Pick up on where they go for information, who they trust, who is involved in the decision process, and what they find helpful.


marketingmessageCrafting Your Marketing Message

  • Whether it’s for social media, your blog, the value prop of your homepage, or a landing page for a really useful checklist, you need to have the right message for the right buyer persona at the right stage in the buyer’s journey, otherwise you’re conversions will never look how you want them to, and you’ll never grow your traffic, leads and sales.
  • Starting with those two powerful resources in front of you, ask yourself what about the content you are working on will convince that persona at that point in the buyer’s journey to keep reading, convert, or buy on the spot.
  • What gain creator are you presenting?
  • What pain are you relieving?
  • If that’s not immediately clear, you’re doing it wrong.
  • You’ll never get unstuck with asking yourself those two questions.
  • Close your eyes and put yourself in your persona’s shoes.
  • What would they search for to help them break through their ceiling?
  • What problem do they have, every single day, that keeps them up at night staring at the ceiling wondering: how will I ever get out of this one?



That’s where you come in. Solve that problem for them, or show them a better way of doing things. They’ll pay you for it.



How are you solving your audience’s problem?



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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43 thoughts on “What’s The Best Way to Craft a Marketing Message That Has More Value to Your Audience?

  1. It’s definitely about getting into the emotions of your client. If we don’t know what it is that keeps them up at night, it’s going to be hard to convince them that we can help. In the fitness industry I find it especially hard because so many people need our service AND there are so many options out there that it’s hard to stand out.

    • Yes Lisa, getting into those emotions of our client is key 🙂 We need to know what keeps them up at night and put our solution as the best one for them, but I agree with you, especially being in the fitness industry it is so hard to stand out, but that is where you need to be unique in what you are offering 🙂 Thanks so much for you comment 🙂 Very much appreciated!

  2. It’s a great idea to create a buyer persona. Being able to see from their point of view would make it so much easier to offer them something they will be happy to pay for. I think it’s a good tip to keep those questions in mind with every offer you make too.

    • Thank you Tamuria! Creating that buyer persona is so important to getting to know the needs of your prospect or client 🙂 Targeting that one person…..so many do not do that……

  3. Joan – Wow! “What pain are you relieving?” and “If you don’t know you’re doing it wrong.” are both such true statements. Whether we’re advertising goods, services, or running as a politician, it’s an imperative thing to understand.

    • Absolutely Joan! It is so imperative that we do understand, and asking the “right” questions will help us to do just that 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!!

  4. I very much like your key point of “you need to have the right message for the right buyer persona at the right stage in the buyer’s journey,” This is such great advice to keep in front of as we work on our marketing messages. Thanks Joan.

  5. If I stepped into the shoes of my ideal client I would purchase every necklace we design. I understand your points and struggle to apply it to our product, jewelry. If you love the necklace, see it will go with your wardrobe, price is affordable- even on sale, why not buy it. So what am I missing?

    • It is just a matter of getting in front your ideal customer to make that purchase, but only if they are ready to do so……sometimes it is NOT just cut and dry like that ya know Roslyn? When getting inside of your ideal customer’s shoes, they would have to be the ones that are READY to buy at the time that is right for them…

  6. Hi Joan!

    Thanks for the great article! I’m in the process of putting together a new business and site/blog, and I’m learning from my past mistakes by sitting down upfront and developing several “buyer/reader personas” so I know exactly who my target audience is and who I am wanting to serve.

    • Hi Deborah!
      You are so very welcome my friend 🙂 That is what it is all about, knowing “exactly” who your target audience is so you can get your solutions (your product or service) in front of the “right” people from the start 🙂 Best of luck to you with your new business and blog!! Exciting!

  7. Hi Joan,
    Message to market match. You nailed it, this is probably the most important thing that you can do to be able to have success in your business.
    Very helpful tips.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Great reminders! I get so close that I need to be reminded to step back and be in my customers shoes! I know it, but I need constant reminders! Thanks!

  9. Hey Joan,

    Marketing of any product is so hard. People write the reviews but their marketing message isn’t clear. They don’t understand about their readers. They should know the targeting audience.

    There should be a clear message in your marketing that the people would love to connect with you and have the positive vibes about the product.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  10. Ah yes…perceived barriers. I see that all the time with coaching. So many people believe they can’t afford it (knee-jerk reaction) when if they did a cost-benefit calculation, they would find — 100% of the time — that if coaching helped them get what they want, the monetary investment would be miniscule.

  11. Hi Joan,

    Well written post about moving around to your prospect’s side of the table. And, as you point out in this post, once we’re on ‘their’ side, we must discover how we can relieve their problems and add value to their lives. Good post. Thanks,

  12. Hi Joan,

    As usual, another great post! I like “Crafting your marketing message” because as we write a post, a message needs to come across about what we are marketing. It can be here and there, or on a P.S. or even better, embedded within our post “click here to learn more about (insert subject in relation to the post)

    It is so important to walk in our customer’s shoes. We always have to be aware of our readers and what they are going through, giving the solutions to their problems.


    • Hi Donna,
      Thank you my friend!! Absolutely, we always need to be aware of our readers at all times and make sure we are giving them solutions 🙂 Appreciate your awesome comment!!

  13. Oh, Joan!

    At one point while reading your post, I absolutely put the brakes on! It was a big, “Ah, hah!” moment! I am familiar with all of the concepts you present here, but, there was one that I kind of forgot about until you wrote about it here!

    That concept was “…you need to have the right message for the right buyer persona at the right stage in the buyer’s journey.” That’s what I could use more research for on my new blog. Research on what stage are they at and what my message needs to be for each particular stage.

    Thank you for the brain-jolt Joan!


    • So glad you had an “aha” moment on my post, Deborah! Thank you 🙂 You are absolutely welcome!! Sometimes all it takes is a little “aha” moment to understand what it is that you need to do 🙂 Appreciate your awesome feedback!

  14. Hi Joan

    Solutions are great when problems are defined and known. As you shared, to craft a great marketing message, one needs to understand the problems faced by the audience and be able to solve the problem. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  15. Hi Joan,
    Great tips about crafting your marketing message.
    This is the most important steps of all in your business.
    If your message doesn’t match your audience they’ll be long gone.
    Thank you for sharing!

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