What’s Your Facebook Content Strategy?

Do You Even Have A Facebook Content Strategy?








Does Your Facebook Content Strategy Begin With This Crucial 1st Step?





Know your Voice!





How do you know your businesses voice if you’ve never even thought of it before?



Where do you begin?




Here are a 4 ways to get started from Pat Parkinson, PostPlanner




1. Identify your ‘Always’ and ‘Nevers’

  • A simple checklist of always & nevers really helps you stay on voice.
  • These are things your voice as a company always needs to be & never should be — and it’s no more complicated than that.

Try filling in these blanks for your company:

Our company’s voice is always __________ and never __________.

See if you can list 5-8 words for each blank.



So before you can deliver effective messaging in social media, blogging & other online arenas, you need to understand what is consistent about your brand – “what always has to be true”



2. Identify your Top 3 Attributes

  • Defining your brand attributes is key to cementing a powerful, genuine, original voice that resonates in your community.
  • Brand attributes are a list of words that are what your brand always has to express — no matter where it’s experienced
  • Are there 3 main things that your business is trying to say to people?
  • If you can’t think of anything, try to define the 3 most important things you’d like to communicate to customers — your 3-part value-proposition.




3.   Identify your Target Audience

  • Try to understand what people’s needs are.
  • What are their pain points?
  • Who are these people & what do they want?

Consider 4 questions when trying to understand your audience:

  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • What are their questions?
  • What are their concerns?



4. Change your Tone to match your Audience

  • The voice of your company is constant.
  • And every piece of content you create — whether a blog post, tweet, ebook or Facebook status update – should reflect that voice.
  • The tone of your voice, on the other hand, should change in different situations & for different audiences.

For example, tone can depend on:

  • Who you are talking to (audience)
  • What you are talking about
  • The context & timing of the conversation

Adjust tone depending on the audience.

  • This is something we all naturally do as people — and as writers.

Elements of tone include:

  • Your style of enunciation
  • Your choice of words
  • Length of sentences


Remember, your tone changes to suit the audience you’re trying to reach.




Once you’ve established your voice, how do you rise above all the internet noise so your customers actually hear what you say? 



Facebook is a great place to reach a targeted audience and set yourself apart from the competition.




Every business is different — and each must test different Facebook marketing techniques to see which work best for their business.




Here are some Facebook posting tips

  • Make your posts visual

  • Think about your own news feed & what attracts you

  • Add photos

  • Be strategic when you post

  • Done is better than perfect

  • It’s all about authenticity & transparency

  • Encourage more engagement by figuring out what people want & need

  • Be yourself

  • It doesn’t all have to come from you

  • Respond to & start conversations with your fans




If you don’t really want to connect, maybe Facebook is not the right medium for your business.





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To Your Success,

Joan Harrington

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  1. Thanks so much David!!! Really appreciate all the luv 🙂 Would love to hear how you are doing with my tips!! Have a great evening!

  2. Another thing of how you can find out what a persons needs and wants are is finding out what color personality they are. You will not only find out what they want and help them get it, but you will have an easier time determining what they like and what they can’t stand.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Hi Joan,


    Go visual.

    Be a visually appealing FB poster to see the greatest results on the social network.

    If you are willing to appeal via eye candy you can build up quite the FB following.

    Thanks for sharing!

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