What’s The Best Tactic To Convert Your Blog Visitors?

Can you name the best tactic to convert your blog visitors?



Would you say it’s the “pop-up” email form?  NOPE How about the so called “feature box” ?  Or maybe you think it is the “opt-in bribe”  floating in your sidebar? WRONG AGAIN!




It is a new strategy called: “Content Upgrades”  and today I am going to be sharing with you a very detailed look at it from Tim Soulo, guest blogger, Firepole Marketing



Everyone knows how important an email list is to a blogger. Your subscribers are the people who you email about your new articles. They are the people you pitch your products and services too as well. You can even ask them for advice when you’re out of ideas on what to write about.


But did you also know that your email subscribers are the people WHO help you GROW your blog?


Whenever you send them your new article – they will share it with their friends and followers and bring a lot of new people to your blog.


Tim calls this the “subscriber growth loop”  and your job, as a blogger, is to turn these new visitors into your email subscribers and the most effective way of creating a subscriber growth loop, is this new “content upgrades” strategy.


Whatcha think we take a closer look at it?


I would bet that you have already noticed how some bloggers are filling their articles with catchy yellow boxes.


These boxes prompt you to download the complimentary bonus materials that go along with the article you’re reading and if you click on that link, a pop-up box will appear, asking you to leave your email address in order to get the bonus materials. And once you do that, you’ll instantly get redirected to a page with the file that you have requested.


“You won’t believe how effective this is…..says Tim, so why does it work so amazingly well?”


Think about the opt-in bribe that you offer to your visitors. Is it 100% relevant to every article that you have on your blog?  Do you think that it would be more effective to create a dedicated opt-in bribe for each of your articles?  This way you’ll be offering your readers something you know they are interested in and your conversion rates will go through the roof!





Now there’s another reason why content upgrades work so well: you will have the full attention of the person who is reading your article and thus you can easily persuade him to download your freebie.


This is something Seth Godin calls permission marketing. By reading your article, the reader is giving you his permission to tell him whatever you want.  On the contrary, pop-ups and sidebar forms are the examples of interruption marketing, where you interrupt the reader on his way of reading your article and try to sell him on something that might not even be relevant to him at the moment.


So how do you create a convert upgrade that converts well?


It does not matter what you use as a content upgrade, as long as you have the arguments to persuade your readers to take it.  Think of your content upgrade as if it is a product and your article is sales copy. If you don’t have a strong reason for why readers should take your content upgrade, you’re going to have a hard time selling it to them.  But if your content upgrade complements your article and contains a lot of extra value – they’ll go for it.


The best way to accomplish that is to write an article that tells people WHAT they should do, and offer them a content upgrade that shows them HOW to do it.


Here’s 2 Examples:

  • Let’s say you’re writing a post titled “5 Ways To Promote Your Content Online.” A perfect content upgrade for this article would be a video screencast where you show people how you execute each of the promotion tactics that you shared in your article.  And maybe you could also give out some of your own templates and spreadsheets which will make readers want to get your content upgrade even more.
  • You can also take a look at Tim’s Guide To Strategic Writing that he recently published on his own blog as another great example of utilizing these content upgrades.



One of the coolest things about this strategy is that you can use it on your past articles and get tons of extra email subscribers with the same traffic that you’re getting right now.



Do you think that you would be willing to try out this new strategy on your own blog?




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