Where Should You Start?

How Should You Start An Article?










Here Are The 5 Steps To “How To Start An Article”








Getting started is the hardest part.






Maybe it’s because of a lack of resources, not knowing where to begin, or a fear of failure.





Have you ever heard someone say, “If I could start over again, then I’d …”?



Whether it’s the result of failure or innovation, successful individuals re-tune and improve their processes to increase speed, skill sets, and even to derive pleasure.




Use the example of your beginning to help shape and influence the positive start of others……..show your readers the steps for their next beginning.






Here Are The 5 Steps To  “How to Start Article Template” from Ezine Articles







Step 1 – Establish Your Topic

  • Pick a “beginning” or “starting out” topic that’s relevant to readers in your niche.
  • Starting out can be as basic as ensuring you have particular tools before you begin a task.
  • It can also include advanced topics, like performing particular actions in a chronological sequence.



Step 2 – Introduction

  • In 1-2 sentences, describe what starting out felt like – did you feel confident, scared, or even excited about your prospects?
  • Use this emotion as a compelling, relevant hook for your readers.
  • Next, did your plan work or did you discover any invaluable lessons the hard way?
  • Tie this into how and why your step-by-step recommendations will benefit the reader.



Step 3 – Chronological List

  • Write step-by-step instructions in sequential order to help your readers start off on the right foot.
  • Keep each step succinct while painting a clear image of the step or process.



Step 4 – Tip

  • Whether it’s a caution or a last piece of advice, tie it all together with one last tip.
  • Perhaps it’s reiterating the importance of a step or tool.
  • It could even be motivational, like staying determined, patient, or maintaining quality.



Step 5 – Conclusion

  • End on a positive note that will inspire your readers to spring into action now that they have a great step-by-step process to begin their journey.






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