Who Is Your Ideal Audience?

Do You Know Who Your Ideal Audience Is?











7 Steps To Finding Your Ideal Audience






Stop wasting your time writing articles your audience isn’t interested in.





Build exposure, increase credibility, and create incredible value for yourself and your audience by writing articles they want to read and share.










The Top 7 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Audience From EzineArticles.com, by Penny, Managing Editor




Step # 1 – Who Are They?

  • From family to customers or clients, identify each segment of your current audience.



Step # 2 – Who Do You Want?

  • Identify new segments that you ideally want to add to your current audience.
  • Consider their obstacles or their needs that prevent them from deepening their involvement with your platform.



Step # 3 – Create Profiles

  • Create a persona for each of your audience segments.
  • Consider demographics, hobbies, professions, needs, wants, troubles, knowledge, perceptions, and common goals.
  • Identify what value you’re able to tailor to each segment.



Step # 4 – Find the Hard Truths

  • Ask, survey, etc.
  • Find out what attracts your current audience to your platform and what’s holding your ideal audience back.
  • Is it not knowing everything that’s available to them?
  • Is it because they don’t think it’s for them?



Step # 5 –  Join Your Audience

  • Research, network, and subscribe.
  • Gain a strong footing in your niche by understanding how others in your niche are engaging with their audience.
  • Identify the buzz they create, what they write about, and how they engage with their audience (e.g., social networks, newsletters, tweets of recently published articles, etc.).



Step # 6 – Engage, Engage, Engage!

  • Start engaging, commenting, and writing useful content that solves problems, answers questions, and overall provide interesting topics that are being sought out by your audience.



Step # 7 – Uncover Search Terms

  • Use your 5 Traffic Search Terms to find out how your current audience is searching for you as well as how new audience members find you!
  • Continue refining these terms to write new articles as you work to find and refine your audience.





Knowing the above top 7 steps will help you strategically plan all aspects of your platform, not just article writing.







Consider who you are, how you create unique value for each segment of your audience, and what informative solutions you can offer for their benefit.





Give your efforts power with these steps to deepen your current audience’s involvement, increase and diversify their participation, foster their loyalty, as well as open the door to new audiences.




How do you tune in to your audience?




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