Why Blogging Is Important In Network Marketing

Do You Utilize Blogging As One Of Your Marketing Strategies?












How To Make Blogging A Key Strategy In Your Marketing





Blogs play a key role in educating prospects for lead generation and nurturing.



Your blog can be one of your most powerful marketing assets – if you stick to the topics your prospects and customers will find most compelling and avoid the hard sell.



A blog adds a human touch, as well as it also lets you focus on your prospect’s agenda instead of yours.






The following are  8 Blogging Techniques from Marketo.com, that you can start utilizing today:






1.  Establish a corporate blogging strategy that includes overall goals and success metrics

2.  Identify and recruit blog contributors in your organization

3.  Blog with your keywords in mind

4.  Link to your blog from other pages on your corporate website

5.  Respond to blog comments within 24 hours and make sure all of your bloggers are aware of and abide by this rule

6.  Remember your content mix—include content that is diverse and speaks to all places in the buying cycle

7.  Encourage your readers to participate by including calls to action at the end of each blog.

8.  Make sure your content is easily digestible for your readers by including bullets or top 10 lists





Now it’s your turn to get started with your own blog……..START HERE!






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