Why Use An Email Autoresponder?

Do You Use An Email Autoresponder?






The Benefits Of Using An Email Autoresponder



Creating A System To Welcome New Readers




Today, I would like to share with you why creating an email autoresponder system is a smart decision….Here are a few tips from Sonia Simone from CopyBlogger…..ENJOY Friends!








There is a terrific tool that can take care of new readers for you, starting with the first minute they sign up.



It answers their preliminary questions and resolves their most common objections.



It holds their hands and patiently delivers great advice for solving their problems.



And it never takes a sick day, gets tired or bored, or burns out.





That tool is called an email autoresponder.




An autoresponder delivers the authoritative, friendly, trust-building messages in a sequence you can perfect over time, and it takes the same great care of your millionth reader that it did of your first reader

  • an autoresponder provides your very best stuff, in the order you want, every time





We all know how much first impressions matter.





Ask yourself this….




What needs to happen to move that perfect reader from Point A to Point B?

  • Your job is just to build the conveyor belt, whether it’s long or short, that will move her there.




Start an autoresponder that compliments your blog

  • It’s a great way to make a stronger connection with your most loyal fans, and to give them additional value.
  • You’re not pushing anyone to buy.
  • Instead, you’re providing everything readers need in order to make the decision to buy, then making it incredibly simple to complete the transaction.





If you do these two things, you’re going to start to see incredible results…..


Step 1: Provide everything readers need to make the decision to buy.

Step 2: Make it incredibly simple to complete the transaction.







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0 Replies to “Why Use An Email Autoresponder?”

  1. Hi Joan,

    The busier you get the easier it becomes to see that using an autoresponder is critical to your home business. We want to live a life, right? 😉 Enter the autoresponder.

    Build relationships. Prosper.

    One note: personalize. Follow up with each lead; either a phone call or email. Use the service but add a personal touch.

    Thanks Joan!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How You Can Become a Stunningly Successful Home Business Entreprenuer – 7 StepsMy Profile

  2. Hi Jason:)

    Yes, I highly recommend GVO autoresponder, my friend…..
    http://joanharrington.hostthenprofit.com/ (an inexpensive way to the road to success for a fraction of the cost of any other hosting service out there) If you have any questions about GVO’s autoresponder, please do not hesitate to give me a call…978-400-7652

    You are right, personal touches are the best!

    Thank you, Jason,

    Take care,

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