Why Use Aweber?

The benefits of using Aweber…..what you need to know to make an informed decision 


No matter what type of organization you run, email marketing can help you grow your audience and convert prospects into loyal customers – at a fraction of the cost of most other marketing channels.

  • You can build relationships and brand recognition.
  • Promote events and sales.
  • Plus, it’s easy to coordinate email content with social media. And with the right tools and support at your fingertips, you can achieve all of that – no design or coding experience needed!



Email that is easy and effective utilizing the following tools:

  • Drag and drop message editor
  • Want to add in an element, like a headline, button or image?
  • Just drag it into your message and drop it where you want it.
  • Beautiful email templates to be as creative as you like
  • With over 600 customizable, mobile responsive drag-and drop email templates for broadcasts and follow ups, your messages will look great wherever your recipients open them.
  • Unlimited image storage
  • Add as many photos as you want to your Image Gallery, and keep them on hand and ready for emails whenever you need them.
  • Industry leading deliverability
  • Aweber has been helping businesses grow with email since 1998. And with over 99% deliverability, your messages will get to where they need to be: in the inbox.
  • RSS to email
  • Your blog feed can easily convert your posts into email newsletters.
  • Just give Aweber your blog RSS feed, and tell them when you want to send your emails out and your emails will go out smoothly every time.

What’s an email newsletter without subscribers?  

  • Aweber will help you grow your audience with the following ways, so you’ll have people reading, and responding to what you’re sending out:
  • Sign up forms
  • Choose from a variety of templates, customize them with different fields and start getting subscribers from your website.
  • Apps
  • Grow your lists with dozens of services that plug into AWeber, for example:
  • Facebook: Install a sign up form on your page to convert your fans to subscribers.
  • WordPress: Make it easy for blog visitors to sign up with our form widget. They can even sign up by commenting on your posts.
  • PayPal and Shopping Carts: Turn your buyers into subscribers, and send targeted offers by adding them to special lists based on purchases.
  • Plus, many more – so you can connect your email marketing to all the online tools you use.
  • Run split tests
  • You can even create different forms, then test which one gets more subscribers so you can build your list faster.
It’s So Easy To Get Started

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