Why Use Hashtags To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Improve Your Social Media Engagement Using Hashtags




Do you include hashtags in your social media posts?


Maybe you should start because using hashtags in your social media strategy will not only help you to drive engagement with fans and followers, but will also help you to attract new and prospective customers.





Why do hashtags matter?


“Because, the virtual world does not give us body language cues and since social media is social, it may be difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on and it’s important to participate in conversations on a variety of topics and this is especially important when it comes to interacting with hundreds or even thousands of people on social media. Instead of pleasant and engaging conversation, all you hear is noise”.….says Dylan Kissane, (the content manager at DOZ)


Hashtags help cut through all the noise and helps you to connect your business with your audience and put it at the heart of conversations on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.


Here are Dylan Kissane’s 4 ways that Hashtags will help you to improve your engagement on social media


1. Align Hashtags With Your Brand

  • Use a hashtag that aligns with your brand to reinforce the message your social,digital and traditional marketing send to your customers.


2. Choose Hashtags Carefully

  • In social media and in life, there’s always the chance things won’t work out exactly as planned.
  • Your hashtag could possibly be hijacked, either by another brand or by activists with an axe to grind.
  • Give each hashtag strong consideration before deploying it in a tweet or a post.
  • Choose a hashtag with the least risk of hijacking, so you can avoid a potential social media crisis.


3. Take Your Hashtag Offline

  • Don’t limit your business hashtags to only social media.
  • It’s important to use them as part of a wider branding strategy that includes offline and traditional media.
  • Increase traction for your hashtag by using it away from your social networks.
  • Small businesses can make it easy for their customers to share positive reviews and social comments about their experiences by encouraging the use of a hashtag.
  • To gain hashtag traction and develop your brand, take your hashtag offline (or at least off of your social networks and onto your website).
  • It can have real benefits for your business.


4. Introduce Variety With Hashtags

  • While your brand or business name might not change, if you want to remain effective and relevant, the hashtags you use in your business must.
  • Social media conversations happen in real time, and what’s trending today is likely to be forgotten tomorrow.




While having a consistent hashtag for your business is a way to keep continuity in your branding, it’s also important to assess and refresh your hashtags on a regular basis to maintain the interest of your followers.


The key is balance. Keep some core hashtags that don’t change to maintain your brand’s continuity.


Hashtags are more than just markers for your tweets or a way to join a wider conversation. They’re identifiers for your company branding that help you cut through the noise, curate conversations and engage your followers.


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Joan Harrington


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33 thoughts on “Why Use Hashtags To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

  1. This is something that I need to work on more. I never thought of using them on my blog. I usually use them only on social media. I’ll start today.

  2. Interesting post that has given me some things to think about. I don’t always use hashtags and I never considered using one with my business name. Thanks!

  3. I’m still getting the hang of using hashtags in both my posts and in my social media. I didn’t understand them at all for the longest time. Now, I’m starting to see the benefit and your post just enforces it. Thank you for all the great information!

  4. Hi Joan,

    Hashtags are so important and I make sure to use them in all my social media posts. Not only for mine but for the other blog posts I read and share. It’s only right to pass on the love and help other bloggers shine. 🙂

    I never considered taking hashtags offline. Asking our customers to use our hashtags is a great idea so thank you for that!

    As always, you rock Joan! Thanks for the tips!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend my dear!


    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Hi Corina,
      Yes it is always a good thing to help other bloggers shine, 100% agree with you! Thank you for your awesome feedback, always appreciated my friend 🙂

  5. Hey Joan,

    This post made me realise I did not know why I was using hashtags, I was just following all the ‘Do’s’ of experts like yourself share with us. Take it off line. I am not 100% sure what that means to me yet, but it is in my mind. I have also been a little flippant about hashtags (probably because I don’t really understand their full potential), however after reading what you have said, I am going to understand what hashtags means in order to benefit me. Thank you – a very handy post indeed.

    Oh and thank you for telling me to introduce a variety, that has certainly made sure that I don’t just automate them and leave them be.


    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Hey Rachel,
      Thanks for your comment and feedback 🙂 Yes I must admit myself I had not utilized Hashtags to their full potential either lol 🙂 When I find something that I know will help me help others I also look to it to help me to implement it myself on my own blog 🙂 Glad you enjoyed and found value!!

  6. Hey Joan, Again very informative and wonderful post from your ultimate bucket. I always use hashtags in my post so that it not only helps the search engine to find my blog related with the subject but also it gives an idea to the readers about the post on social media. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Hi Ana!
      Yes it definately helps with others finding our blog posts 🙂 Appreciate your comment girl!! Thank you 🙂

    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Justin! Use a hashtag for the kinds of topics that you want to talk about by searching for that particular one and then join in the conversations 🙂 Would love to hear how that goes for you….

  7. Okay Joan, I have been using hashtags about 90% of the time. About the only place I don’t is on my Facebook Profile. (Should I be using them there, too?)

    But, my big question of the day is what do you mean by hijacking? Choosing carefully which hashtags I use? Please… I really want to know more! 😉

    And, #3 ~ never ever thought about using it this way! How clever! Where do you get this stuff? I’ve learned quite a bit about hashtags from you today, but I now know that I need to know more!

    Thanks so much and I’ll be waiting for your response Joan!


  8. It’s certainly a must have part of your social strategy.
    I’ve gotten a pretty incredible following on IG only by using Hashtags.

    Great post and reminder and certainly a good tip to include a particular
    hashtag in offline communications as a way to find you online.

    Great post!


    • joanlivegreen@gmail.com says:

      Yes it is very important to utilize hashtags in the right way, very much so 🙂 Thanks Jelena for your feedback!

  9. Hey Joan, Interesting post about hashtags – and I am finding them fun and useful online and offline! Love checking out the info for where hashtags send me, also 🙂
    Big hugs…

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