Why Your Website Is NOT Converting?

Do you know why your website is not converting? 



If your website is not converting, you need to understand that conversions are a major key to making your website successful.


Even if you have ample traffic to your site, driven by search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, or just a great reputation, none of those visits will mean a thing unless you have the power to convert those visitors into actual customers.



If you notice your website is not converting and your conversion rate is subpar, it’s likely due to one of the following 5 common reasons shared from Jayson Demers, Audience Bloom:


1. Your users don’t get the chance to convert.

  • Take a look at your site and determine how many opportunities there are for a user to convert.
  • If the only opportunity you have is a contact form on your contact us page, your big problem could be that your users want to convert and simply aren’t able.
  • Make it easy for your users to convert by placing conversion opportunities all over your site.
  • Include them in the header or footer of every page, or consider having a temporary popup appear when a user has been on your site for longer than 20 seconds.


2. You’ve annoyed your users.

  • It’s also possible that you have, in one way or another, prompted your users to leave before they can get to your conversion opportunities.
  • If you notice that your site has an unusually high bounce rate, this is likely the main problem.
  • Conduct user surveys, use heat maps or otherwise analyze how and why your traffic is reacting to your site layout.
  • Is your navigation difficult?
  • Are your aesthetics displeasing?
  • Do you have too many ads or too little information?
  • Make your users feel at home by inviting them into your site with a warm, intuitive design.


3. Your users are distracted.

  • It doesn’t matter if your contact form is on every page if that form is overshadowed by other material.
  • Rather than focusing on providing the most valuable information for incoming users, you bombard your users with everything you can think to throw.
  • As a result, incoming users are too distracted to finalize their conversion process.
  • If this is the case, try to minimize your design and focus only on what’s most important.


4. Your value isn’t sufficient.

  • People aren’t just giving you conversions ; They are exchanging a conversion for something.
  • If a user determines that your value offering isn’t worth the amount of money or information you’re asking for, you’re not going to win any conversions.
  • Try offering better values and see if your conversion rates improve


5. You aren’t targeting the right people.

  • Your designs, your copy, and even your offerings should all specifically cater to one or a small range of user demographics.
  • If you’re trying to please everybody, you’re going to end up alienating your audience
  • Whether you’re writing for everybody or just writing to the wrong people, improper targeting can completely ruin your chances at earning a high conversion rate.
  • Study your demographics using Google Analytics and market research, then adjust your designs accordingly.



Remember that “optimizing for conversions” can never be a one-time process.  Instead, you’ll have to pay close attention to your metrics, constantly learn new things about your audience, and make gradual ongoing tweaks to improve.



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0 thoughts on “Why Your Website Is NOT Converting?

  1. I feel like this is one of those topics that just goes over my head because it’s a bit on the technical side even though your information was clear and concise. It requires thinking through everything from a perspective of congruency and consistency along with other products and services one is offering.

  2. For me, I am ramping up on number #1 on your list providing ways for my visitors to convert. Giving the CTAs that are enticing. It will take some upfront effort on my part, but the reward with be worth it.

  3. Awesome post Joan!

    Less is more is such an important concept.

    When I kept my blog posts to 3 on a page, reduced the amount of ads on my sidebar, and reduced the menus at the top of my blog, I had higher engagement and conversions

    Dr. Lisa

  4. I have heard a lot about this topic – but haven’t really understood it and right now, it doesn’t apply to my current goals. HOWEVER…it will to a couple other sites when I get them up and running, and then I’ll be back to read more!

  5. Hey Joan,

    Numbers 4 and 5 were my main issues. Either what I was sharing wasn’t valuable enough or I just wasn’t targeting the right people. When it comes to marketing yourself through blogging these two are major! You want to be able to give a specific audience already interested in your topics the most enticing value possible.

    Thanks for sharing Joan! Have a good one!

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